Feel Warmly Welcomed at this Friendly Onsen Ryokan in Hokkaido

  • Ryokan Dai-ichi Takimotokan is nestled in the secluded valley of Noboribetsu-Onsen in Hokkaido. It has over 150 years of history and has been long loved by locals due to its warm and family-friendly hospitality. It is located in a natural vista where the onsen waters flow from the active volcanoes in the area. It is seemingly worlds away but is actually only 90 minutes away from Sapporo Airport.

    The Rooms

    The rooms at Dai-ichi Takimotokan have been designed to soothe the guests in true Japanese style. About 399 rooms are furnished in traditional ryokan style, with tatami mat covered floors. Emphasis on natural elements can be seen in the decoration of the room, such as wooden furniture and paper shoji screens that release moisture coming from the onsen environment. You will be welcomed with a cup of green tea once you enter the room, with sweets provided on the low table. Facilities and amenities include a bathroom with yukata (bathrobes), toiletries, towels, TV, fridge, and a telephone.

    Onsen Heaven

    Every bath in the hotel is constantly being refreshed as 2 million liters of geothermal water flow down from 5 different springs. It is also considered to be the largest onsen bathhouse in Hokkaido. If you want to soak in the hot spring all day, you can do that 24/7 at Onsen Heaven, depending on the price of your hotel stay. All you have to do is to come in your yukata and bring your personal towel. The facility provides some toiletries and some baskets for towels. For passing travelers who do not wish to stay in the hotel, you can still enjoy the onsen as it is open to everybody. Regular access is available from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. Regular admission fee is 2,000 yen for adults and 1,000 yen for children. There is a special walk-in door for day visitors.

    This is probably the warmest welcome you can get during your stay in Hokkaido. It is also regarded as a gateway to all kinds of natural attractions in a tranquil and traditional area of Japan, so you can return home all refreshed with loads of energy!

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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