Try These 3 Tasty Treats on Pilgrim’s Island Shikoku

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  • Of the four main islands in Japan, Shikoku is the smallest and least populated one. It is an island not only popular for temples associated with pilgrims but also for legendary traditional dishes which attract both local and foreign tourists. To name a few, here are three yummy delights that you should try if you ever get the chance to visit the place!

    Sanuki Udon

    Sanuki udon refers to the type of soup that is usually served with udon noodles on Shikoku island and neighboring regions. It originated in Kagawa Prefecture but has found its way in the other nearby regions as well. The name ‘sanuki’ comes from Kagawa Prefecture’s previous name, Sanuki Province. Almost every food shop in Shikoku sells sanuki udon. Some of the popular udon shops have long lines, as these are often visited by regular patrons.

    Though there are many ways of savoring sanuki udon, it is usually served with bouillon soup topped with an egg and chopped scallions.

    Iya Soba

    One local food you should never miss in the Iya Valley area of Shikoku is iya soba, buckwheat noodles that are known as a local specialty. These noodles are made of high-quality soba flour, making them short and thick. The temperature difference of the day time and night time in the area has contributed much to producing good quality buckwheat noodles. Most of the time the broth contains anchovies as one of its ingredients, making the taste simply refined and natural.

    Sawachi Ryori

    One of the traditional regional dishes of Kochi Prefecture is called sawachi ryori. This is a name for serving both sushi and sashimi on one huge platter. It is said to have originated during the Muromachi Period. During parties, the dish is a staple food, especially during drinking events in the Tosa region. It is also regarded as a symbol of the local people’s generosity.

    Fill your tummies with these yummy foods while enjoying the island of Shikoku. There are many signature dishes coming from each region, so it would be wise to explore!

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