What’s the Latest and Greatest Kit Kat Flavor Released this Summer in Japan?

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  • Japan is known for being among the best in many things. From world-class cuisine, amazing scenery and views (just google cherry blossom for instant confirmation), and the best in customer service to name a few. However, the most frequently asked question from my family and friends when I return home from Japan is “Where is my Kit Kat chocolate?!”

    Kit Kat Flavors

    Before answering the requisite “give me a break?” I usually reward them with the latest and greatest that Japan has to offer. Just when I think nothing can top the most recent sake flavor, the chocolate making company makes another amazing new flavor just in time for the 2016 release – introducing Kit Kat Premium Mint!

    Kit Kat Premium Mint

    For those avid mint lovers, the latest creation will be your favorite by far. Think of the deliciousness of a thin mint cookie (thank you Girl Scouts!) or even a mint chocolate chip ice cream flavor, but wrapped in Nestle’s own yummy chocolate conception. This new chocolate bar concoction was released this summer and makes for a perfect refreshing tasty combination, especially during the heat of the humid Japanese summer months.

    Tokyo Kit Kat Chocolatory

    This Premium Mint Kit Kat blend should be available in local grocery stores. For those interested in even more limited flavors, be sure to check out their Chocolatory, of which there are only a few in Tokyo. There are displays of all the flavors including but not limited to special ginger, raspberry, and kinako powder.

    Nestle Website*Japanese Only

    So, if you’re traveling through Japan this summer, do not miss out on this special minty treat. As always it’s only for a limited time, so be sure to keep an eye out at local grocery stores and convenience stores (konbinis). Otherwise, you are bound to find them at the airport so at the very least take some home for your family at home and friends as a tasty souvenir. Itadakimasu!

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