Watch the Thrill and Excitement of Japanese Baseball from the Best Seats in the House!

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  • There is no doubt that Japan is a huge fan of baseball. It is one of the most popular sports in the country and is evident everywhere. Baseball can be watched regularly on TV, or by attending live games throughout the country. It’s also introduced as a club activity at schools all across Japan.

    If you’ve ever watched a live baseball game here in Japan, then you will know exactly how exciting and fun it is. However, what if you could also experience watching it from the best seat in the house? If that sounds like a dream come true, then the Masters Dream Seat is definitely something you should check out!

    History of Baseball in Japan

    Baseball was introduced to Japan by an American man, Horace Wilson, in 1872 who was an English professor at Tokyo’s Kaisei Academy at the time. In 1878, the first baseball team, Shinbashi Athletic Club was established.

    In Japanese, baseball is known as Yakyu (野球) which is a combination of “field” and “ball” in kanji. Professional Baseball in Japan started out in the 1920’s with the first Japanese professional league starting in 1936.

    Masters Dream Seat

    If you’re looking for a different baseball game experience, then watching from the Masters Dream Seat at Chiba Lotte Marines Stadium is what you’re after. With its grand opening in March, the Masters Dream Seat is a designated area behind the field’s back net where you get the opportunity to watch the game at eye level with the players. This brings even more thrill and excitement to your experience!

    The Masters Dream Seat is divided into different areas – the audience seat, the aisle, and the bar area. Aside from that, you can also indulge at the ‘all you can eat’ area as well!

    Now, for those big baseball fans wondering how much it is, the 2nd and 3rd rows are 16,000 yen per game (with no mention of prices for the 1st row). So if you love your baseball and truly want to make the most of your baseball experience here in Japan, why not go all out by enjoying the thrill and excitement from the best seats in the house?

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