Second Life Toys Break Down Barriers Surrounding Organ Transplants in Japan with Plushies

  • There is a campaign that has recently launched in Japan, to help bring awareness to organ transplants. Organ donations is a problem worldwide with Japan ranking far behind the rest of the industrialized world. The charitable organization, Second Life Toys, has created a unique way to illustrate the concept behind organ transplants to children, by being creative and using cute plush.

    Second Life Toys Project

    In Japan, there are about 14,000 people on an organ donor waiting list every year, but unfortunately, only two percent (less than 300 people) actually receive them. Realizing the dire organ donor situation that Japan is in, Toga Kida founded the project, Second Life Toys – Transplant for Toys. The project focuses on collecting damaged or unused (pre-loved) toys are collected and then various body parts are used as “transplants” to fix other toys for children.

    Transplant for Toys

    For instance, this cute giraffe had a damaged leg and received a leg transplant from a no longer used pink plush toy! There are several photos of other toys that have gone through the transformation and come out fixed and looking beautiful after their organ transplants. The campaign works to show the benefits and positive results of organ transplants to children to start breaking down the barriers surrounding organ donation at an early age.

    Check out the campaign video here for more information. If you would like to donate your plush toys, check out the Second Life Toys website below. Also, those who donate toys will also receive a thank you message from the recipients.

    What a great way to raise awareness around organ donations and how important it is not only in Japan but all over the world. Hopefully, through this campaign, more and more people – children and adults – will understand the positive outcome and benefits that donating organs can have to those in waiting.

    Second Life Toys Website

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