McDonald’s Japan Starts Quite the Campaign: New Sauces, Discounts and Real Gold!

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  • McDonald’s Japan is giving their customers a chance to win real gold. Rather than a boring block of gold, McDonald’s will be giving the gold prize in the form of a golden Chicken McNugget. They also have plenty of other exciting things in store for this campaign. Check them out below!

    New Flavors

    You may wonder why McDonald’s did not choose to make the gold prize in the form of burgers instead, which is the most popular food from the fast food company. The reason they chose nuggets is because McDonald’s has recently introduced 2 new nugget dipping sauces which will be available from the 8th of June 2016. They are called Fruit Curry and Creamy Cheese and the names themselves are enough to make our mouths water. As expected, delicious offerings like these are only available for a limited time only.

    Discounts and the Golden Nugget

    Not only are there new dipping sauce flavors, but the nuggets at McDonald’s will be on sale too. A 5-piece pack of nuggets will be sold at a discounted price of 150 yen instead of the regular price of 200 yen. There is also the 15-piece pack of nuggets that will be sold at 570 yen, instead of its usual price which is usually 180 yen more expensive.

    As for the new golden nugget, customers will get a chance to win it by following the McDonald’s Twitter account and then watch out for the “Mysterious Nugget Thief” that will be leaving clues on the website and in restaurants. Customers will have to guess the identity of the thief and tweet about it by using the hashtag #怪盗ナゲッツ (“kaitou nuggets” or literally, phantom thief nuggets). The campaign will be held from the 8th of June, 2016 to the 28th of June, 2016.

    More Rewards!

    A lucky customer will get to win a 5-piece pack of nuggets, one of which will be made of 18 karat gold! The golden nugget is supposed to weigh 50 grams. It may seem difficult to win given that there would be many entrants. However, to further encourage the customers to enter into the contest, McDonald’s will be handing out more rewards. Each day of the campaign, McDonald’s will be rewarding a Twitter entrant with coupons which allow them to get 39 days worth of 5-piece nuggets. The reasoning behind the number 39 is that it sounds like thank you (san kyu), so it is a way for McDonald’s to thank their customers.

    This is a very generous contest by McDonald’s Japan! Don’t you wish McDonald’s branches all over the world would hold something like this?

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