Cool Down this Summer with a Limited-Time Only Uji Matcha Dessert for Breakfast!

  • Wherever you are in the world, breakfast is a daily source of energy to help sustain people for work, school, or any other activities that are endured throughout everyday life. It’s also the same in Japan, but there are several options to choose from such as a Japanese-style (Washoku) breakfast or a Western-style (Yoshoku) breakfast, but how about dessert for breakfast?

    One of the most popular Western-style breakfast options in Japan is pancakes, which can be found almost everywhere. However, one place has decided to shake things up! Denny’s Japan have helped to make the start to your days even better with their new matcha selection!

    Uji Matcha Desserts


    What better way to enjoy a Western-style breakfast than to order the old classic pancakes, right? But since this is Japan, these fluffy layers of dessert pancakes are topped off with an abundant amount of crispy roasted Uji matcha sauce, strawberry jam, and mascarpone cream in between all the layers of pancakes.


    To help battle the summer heat, Denny’s has also decided to introduce a new range of Uji Matcha desserts for everyone to enjoy. Starting off with the Uji Matcha Tiramisu, the dessert contains the bittersweet taste of Uji matcha mixed with a rich mascarpone cream with jelly and then topped off with shiratama dango.


    Another dessert to look forward to is the Uji Matcha Sundae which is a popular limited-time only dessert created by Denny’s Japan that will surely keep you cool this summer. On top of that, the Uji Matcha Parfait that is available too and in a mini size.

    The Uji Matcha desserts were introduced to the menu on June 7th, so if you’re looking for a place to cool down away from the summer heat, then why not pop into your nearest Denny’s for a delicious Uji Matcha dessert? Better yet, why not try the Uji Matcha Pancake with it too for a whole new pancake experience!

    Denny’s Japan Website*Japanese Only

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