The 3 tips for Japanese train manner

  • HOW TO
  • There are many cultural manner depending on countries. You should follow the manner when you are in Japan, also, I think the time to follow the manner is when you take trains. Is because there are many people especially in the morning, and some of them are in hurry because of their job, and school. So I’ll explain what the Japanese manner in train.

    1. Silver seat

    In Japanese trains, there are seats which is priority seats for older people, pregnant woman, kids, and injury person. The seats are called Silver seat, and you should not take a seat there if you are healthy and lively. If you see the mark which is just like the picture, or if there are seats which is different color than normal seat, that means the seats are Silver seat.

    2. Not to call in the train

    In Japan, you should not call to anyone when you are in train. Even if someone call to you, it’s better you will call him or her later. Also, there are some rules for cell phone. You should put your cell phone silent mode, also you should turn off it around silver seat. Is because there is possibility that people who is sitting in silver seat has pace maker in his or her heart.

    3. Wait a while before you get in the train


    There is another rule to make getting in tain smooth. As you know, there are many people in Japan, especially Tokyo, and also some times inside of trains are full and it’s really hard to get in the train. To make the crowdness easier to deal, you should wait a while before you get in the train until the people who would go outside of train. In Japan, the rule for getting in train is that people who will get out of the train go first, and then, you can get in there.


    Here, I explained about some manners when you use trains in Japan. When you visit Japan, you may have many questions about Japanese train systems, but if you follow those manners, your trip will be smoother and easier. Also, you can reduce the risk for getting in trouble. You should know these tips for using train and have a nice trip!