Looking to Get More Emotion Into Your Cosplay Photoshoots? Check Out This Unusual Product!

  • Perfect cosplay photos require plenty of hard work put into them. Not only does one have to fuss about the costume, makeup and hair, but the photographer needs to be skillful in taking photos and editing them as well. One of the challenges that cosplayers have to face is having their photos taken with tears or sweat because those water drops will not stay in place. Besides using eye drops again and again for every photo, an alternative to consider is to have the photos edited through the use of software. Or, you can just try this unusual new product that is meant to replicate the effect of tears and sweat.

    Namida Gel

    Assist Wig is a company which primarily sells cosplay hair pieces, but it also came out with this Namida Gel which is perfect for cosplay purposes. Namida means tears in Japanese, so the product is aptly named. The Namida Gel was released under Assist Wig’s Assist Cosme line. The product, which retails at 880 yen, comes in a 30-gram tube. The gel is unique in that it does not harden, thus allowing cosplayers to make adjustments when needed after applying the gel.

    The Namida Gel is hyaluronic acid-based, and hyaluronic acid is a common ingredient in Japanese skin care products due to its moisturizing properties, so the product will not dry out your skin during or after use. In addition to being moisturizing on the skin, Namida Gel is also gentle. There is no need to worry about using it near the eye area, but the gel cannot be put in the eyes. The gel is not sticky or heavy so it feels comfortable on the skin when applied.

    The Namida gel is also perfect to replicate sweat or perspiration. Cosplay photos like this are hard to come by!

    If you would like to purchase Namida Gel, head over to Assist Wig’s online shop . This would be a great addition to any cosplayer’s collection as you will be able to create even more photos! What do you think of this strange product?

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