Heard of the ’Cabbage Roll’ Type of Man? Check Out Why the Japanese Women Love them!

  • Did you know that in Japan, there are certain labels to describe different types of men? Among the many labels, the ‘cabbage roll’ men are becoming increasingly popular among women in Japan. To really understand what a ‘cabbage roll’ man is and why they’re popular, you’ll first need to understand two of the more popular labels – the ‘carnivorous’ and ‘herbivore’ men.

    Carnivorous men

    Carnivorous men are the alpha males who exude confidence and have a dominating personality. Typically, he is active in pursuing women and takes special care of his appearance. Also, very generally speaking, you may find that some men who fit the ‘carnivorous’ label tend to have the ‘player’ reputation and therefore, may have the potential to cheat while in a relationship.

    Herbivorous men

    Herbivore men are meek, shy, gentle, and are known to have low self-esteems. Typically, they don’t exhibit a strong desire to get a girlfriend or to get married, some even think of them as gentle monks. It is even said that herbivore men are one of the contributing reasons to the low birth rate in Japan.

    Cabbage Roll men

    After getting a better understanding around the qualities of the carnivorous and herbivorous men labels, it may simplify the idea around a ‘cabbage roll’ man. Basically, this type of man is known to have herbivore qualities on the outside but carnivore qualities on the inside. In other words, he may seem shy and gentle until you really get to know him where you may discover his charming carnivorous heart that is only shown to a select few!

    Bacon and Asparagus Roll men

    Yes, as you may have expected, there is also a label to describe men who are opposite of the ‘cabbage roll’ men. Also known as ‘bacon and asparagus roll men’ who have carnivorous qualities on the outside, but herbivorous qualities on the inside. They may seem macho but in actuality, they have a sweet, gentle nature which some girls tend to find cute!

    So, what do you think about all these different labels and which do you like best? And for all the men out there, which label best describes you?

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