This Unusual Sewerage Science Museum In Osaka Is More Fun Than You’d Think!

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  • In order to create a pleasant urban world where modern landscapes are introduced, a sewer system becomes an important component for sanitation and waste management. In Osaka City, a Sewage Works Project Program was created which has been promoting activities that contribute to a recycling-oriented society. To commemorate its founding, the Sewerage Science Museum was established in 1995 which offers various experiential learning facilities to let citizens know the importance of the city’s sewers.

    About the Museum

    The Sewerage Science Museum is a fun way of learning about the mechanism and operation of the sewage system in Osaka. It is located in a six-story building dedicated alone to sewer information. The city’s sewers have mainly three roles in the area: draining rainwater to prevent flooding, collecting used water in all areas and cleaning the collected sewage. You can start your learning journey on any floor you like. The basement provides a 6-minute underground route, while also providing plenty of useful information. The upper floors provide many interesting activities such as feeding colorful fish in a glass tank (first floor), testing your knowledge with a sewer quiz (third floor), experiencing a 100 ml of downpour (fourth floor), enjoying the “Water Wonderland” which includes a 3-D movie (fifth floor) and feeling relaxed in a botanical garden (sixth floor).

    Additional Information

    The museum receives a total of 100,000 visitors per year who enjoy the museum’s free facilities. It is open daily from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm with the last entry time of 4:30 p.m. It is closed on Mondays (and the following day when a national holiday falls on a Monday) as well as year-end and New Year holidays. In order to educate the younger generation, the museum has worked in cooperation with the Osaka Board of Education to develop social study programs. This is usually experienced by the third and fourth-grade students within Osaka.

    If you want to learn the importance of Osaka’s City’s sewers, it would be best to visit the museum. It provides loads of information, is always free and is more fun than you would think!

    Osaka Sewerage Science Museum (Japanese only)

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