Check Into This Fun, Fresh Five-Star Hotel During Your Sapporo Visit!

  • Sapporo is well known for its snowy landscapes and great food, but every visitor needs somewhere to lay their head at night. For many, a cheap hostel is all they need, but if you want to treat yourself to a cool, beautiful hotel within walking distance to bars and restaurants, I have just the place for you!

    Cross Hotel Sapporo

    The whole style of the hotel is very chic and fashionable with pop art pictures on the walls and an eclectic mix of furniture in the lobby. A personal highlight for me were the entrance mats that ask you to ‘tap dance’ to clear your shoes of rain or snow! The staff here are extremely helpful and friendly too. They also speak English so no worries about language barriers! There’s a luggage room if you need to leave your bags, and when you go to check in, they will have already delivered the bags to your room for you!

    cross hotel mat

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    There is a lovely hot spring here too for you to enjoy which gives you a beautiful view of the Sapporo city skyline. I recommend using the hot spring at night as you get to see the whole city lit up and twinkling as you relax. The hot spring has two baths for women and two for men. Both have an indoor and outdoor bath, and both allow you to enjoy the stunning cityscape through the windows.

    The Rooms

    As you might expect with a 5-star hotel, the rooms are very nice and luxurious. They have 3 different styles of rooms; urban, natural and chic. All 3 room types are equipped with the usual amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. They all have very comfy beds, good quality TVs, and luxurious bathrooms. It’s easy to unwind and relax in these lovely rooms, and it’s a great base for exploring the nearby areas of Hokkaido.


    The hotel is within walking distance of JR Sapporo station, which makes it very handy for travellers that are new to the area. It is also very easy to walk to the bars and restaurants in Sapporo, although it can be much easier to take a taxi, which is still very cheap! You can also organise to visit the Ice Hotels when staying here, but only during the winter so I recommend visiting then!

    Cross Hotel Sapporo

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