Love Japanese Anime and Manga? Join the ’Ita-Craze’ and Check Out Anime-Inspired Motorbikes!

  • Huge anime and comic book (manga) fans in Japan can sometimes take their passion to the extreme by splashing out large sums of money on their obsessions. The most common of those is by car makeover (itasha), where the bodies of cars are decorated with fictional characters from their favorite anime or comic book. However, a lesser form has recently emerged which appears to be a little more affordable – ita-bikes, which is a bike makeover!

    Also, if you don’t have the time to decorate your bike yourself, don’t worry. If you’ve heard of the famous Japanese anime and comic book series, ‘Bakuon!!’, they’ve recently released something that will excite all anime fans as well as ita-bike enthusiasts!

    Itasha culture and diversity in Japan

    Wandering through the streets of Japan, you will almost certainly come across an itasha-style car. Itasha – which actually translates into ‘painful cars’ in English – is a substantial part of the anime, manga, and idol culture in Japan. As mentioned previously, car owners invest large sums of money on their anime or manga-inspired car makeovers.

    However, the itasha culture in Japan is not only restricted to cars. The obsession has now expanded into a variety of vehicles including bicycles (ita-chari) and motorcycles (ita-bike) which are great options that are affordable but still provide the excitement and passion of the original concept behind the ‘itasha’ culture.

    About Bakuon!! (No Spoilers Included!)

    There is currently a popular anime series here in Japan that focuses on high school girls with motorcycles and if you haven’t already guessed it, yes, that’s right, they have recently introduced a range of motorcycles on their official Bakuon ItaBikes website!

    ‘Bakuon!!’ is a Japanese manga series by Orimoto Mimana that started in 2011 in Akita Shoten’s seinen manga magazine, Young Champion. On top of that, the anime TV series adaptation started airing in April 2016. The story of ‘Bakuon!!’ focuses on the members of Okanoue Girls’ High School’s motorcycle club and their exciting school life adventures on their motorcycles.

    Bakuon!! Official ItaBikes

    This year, the second wave of official Bakuon ita-bikes were released and announced on the official site and come in three different exciting variations. Let’s check out what they have up for grabs for the Bakuon franchise fans!

    Amano Onsa ItaBike

    Amano Onsa’s strikingly colorful Ita-Bike is an eye-catching Yamaha YZFR-25 wrapped out with her own image. The bike was originally red and took on a whole 360-degree change in its appearance once it was finished.

    Raimu Senpai ItaBike

    Raimu Senpai’s Ita-Bike version is a Kawasaki Ninja250SE and the bike’s color remained the same from start to finish in a cool green color. This one is the coolest of the three in my opinion.

    Sakura Hane ItaBike

    Sakura Hane’s Ita-Bike takes in the image of the bike from the original work in the manga and anime. The bike used is a Honda CB400SF SPEC3 and instead of wrapping, the colors used are pink coatings.

    There are many upcoming events from the ‘Bakuon!!’ franchise and it is expected that these ita-bikes will also make an appearance. Now for those who are interested in purchasing one of these ita-bikes, the selling price, and application forms went up on the official site on June 1st. Last year’s version was around 950,000 yen so you can use that as a gauge on prices! Enjoy!

    Bakuon Website*Japanese Only

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