Free Supplements in Tokyo to Raise Awareness and Fill the Nutritional Gaps from Eating Fast Food!

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  • Japan has always been considered a health-conscious country with the food that we eat as the basis of our healthy lifestyle image. A standard balanced mealstandard balanced meal in Japan consists of rice, fish or meat, vegetables, soup, and a beverage. However, with the rise in local and overseas fast food chains becoming more and more popular in recent times, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Japan is now at a state where malnutrition is rapidly growing. In order to confront the issue of insufficient nutrition in our daily diet, the Fast Food Aid is taking action and raising awareness.

    Malnutrition in Japan

    Malnutrition can take shape in a variety of ways with different causes and effects on a person’s lifestyle. According to a study conducted about Malnutrition in Japan, shows that the country is facing a double burden of malnutrition where undernutrition co-exists with the increasing rates of overweight and obesity. While it may not be easy to identify, 23% of the population in Japan is classified as overweight and children under the age of 5 that are considered overweight is 18.2%.

    Fast Food Aid

    Fast Food Aid is a supplement shop that recently opened in Harajuku on 29th April 2016. Fast food and other variations of junk food, in general, lack the daily requirement of nutrients that a person needs, which is why Fast Food Aid was created – to help educate people on nutrition.

    All you need to do is take your fast food receipt to Fast Food Aid where they will analyze the nutrition balance of what you just ate and provide you with the necessary missing nutrients with free supplements.

    Healthy fast food

    However, there is one fast food meal that provides all the necessary nutrients without any additional supplements – Dohtonbori’s okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki or the Japanese pancake is considered a healthy fast food as it contains a variety of healthy ingredients such as fresh vegetables, as well as meat and seafood to help fulfill the requirements of a balanced diet.

    Dohtonbori, an okonomiyaki restaurant chain in Japan is also behind the Fast Food Aid campaign. Dohtonbori also focuses on the need to raise more awareness around nutrition by promoting their fresh, healthy, and organic okonomiyaki as a potential partner to your healthy lifestyle.

    So, if you’re traveling through Japan and are after some quick and easy healthy fast food, check out Dohtonbori. Otherwise, if you’ve just devoured a naughty fast food meal, head on over to Fast Food Aid to ensure you fill the gaps in your nutrition with some free supplements!

    Fast Food Aid Website
    Dohtonbori Website


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