Find Out What Items McDonald’s Japan Is Hiding On Their New Secret Menu!

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  • A number of food establishments like to spice things up with their products by using a number of marketing strategies to catch their consumers’ attention. One popular method is by using a “special” or “secret menu” which entices the customers to try out new things.

    But did you know that McDonalds Japan is also joining in the trend by introducing secret toppings that consumers can choose from? Their burgers are getting a new lift with the secret toppings so let’s check them out!

    McDonalds Japan “Ura Menu”

    The Ura Menu, much like a secret menu, is a limited campaign by McDonalds Japan and will give three favorite burgers a secret ingredient topping, starting from June 15th. Other hamburgers on the menu can also be ordered with these secret toppings if you’d like, but the three main burgers that are getting these “secret” flavors will be the teriyaki burger, the chicken fillet, and the double cheeseburger. But what toppings will they have?

    Teriyaki McBurger

    The ordinary teriyaki burger will be spiced up further by the ura menu by becoming the “Jalapeño Ura Teriyaki McBurger.” As the name suggests, the spicy jalapeño peppers used in Mexican dishes will be sliced and placed in the burger to give that extra kick and flavor.

    Chicken Fillet

    The chicken fillet is getting a sauce for its topping from the ura menu, and the sandwich will also have a new name, the “Cream Cheese Chicken Fillet.” The sauce used for the topping is a mix of sweet sauce and a spicy tinge that consumers will definitely enjoy.

    Double Cheeseburger

    And lastly, the classic double cheeseburger will be getting an added secret ingredient above the double layers of burger patty and cheese – smoked bacon! This ingredient will make the burger into the “Smoked Bacon Ura Double Cheeseburger.”

    If you’d like to opt to add either the jalapeño, cream cheese or smoked bacon from the ura menu to the other 15 available burgers of your choice, you’ll just have to pay an extra 40 yen for it. The Ura Teriyaki McBurger is sold for 350 yen a la carte and 650 yen for the value set, while the Ura Cream Cheese Chicken Fillet and Ura Smoked Bacon Double Cheeseburger are 380 yen for the a la carte versions and 680 yen for the value set.

    Does the McDonalds in your country also have a secret menu? The ura menu for McDonalds Japan will only be available for a limited time and who knows when it will end, so make sure to drop by your nearest branch on and after June 15th!

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