Starbucks Japan Has Released a Special Summer Item You Can Use at Home!

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  • With every passing day, the heat is getting stronger and stronger, and in a short amount of time we’ll be saying hello to summer. June is officially the month of summer here in Japan and if you haven’t heard about what the summer weather is like here then you’ll be in for a shock!

    Summer here in Japan is both hot and humid, making it difficult to function every day without breaking a sweat. This time of the year, most people here consider cold treats their ally whether in or outside our homes. Ice cream and cold drinks are what you’ll be looking for to combat the summer heat. Considering that, Starbucks Japan is here to help you make your own latte right in your own home!

    Starbucks Frozen Drink Maker

    The Starbucks Frozen Drink Maker is a reusable mug that has an inner and outer shell that will freeze your drink in minutes. This is the second time Starbucks have brought this product out but unfortunately for some, it’s only available in Japan!

    Introduced to Starbucks branches in Japan on May 18th, these easy to use frozen drink makers will be available in Clear White, Alpine Blue and Punch Pink for 3,000 yen each. You can buy Starbuck’s VIA coffee essence packs beforehand to make your own latte or you can also mix and match whatever drink you like.

    What you need to do first is to freeze the inner core in the freezer at least overnight before you use it. Once done, you pour in your drink of choice and wait until it freezes for about 2 minutes. After that, mix the drink well until it becomes frozen or until it reaches your preferred texture and voila! Ready to drink!

    Japanese or not, Starbucks has been the coffee brand choice of many over the years and who would have thought they’d market a product for you to make your own Starbucks drink right at home? Interested in making your own cool drink this summer? Well, be sure to grab the Starbucks frozen drink maker quickly!

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