Live Out Your Lolita Fashion Dreams at Maison de Julietta in the Crazy Fashion Capital Harajuku!

  • Harajuku’s lolita fashion has attracted many admirers over the years. For some, dressing as a Lolita is more than just a fashion statement. Some think it’s a cute yet mysterious fashion statement while others think of it as a way of life. For those who really want to try out the concept of lolita fashion, a visit to the most famous fashion destination in Japan, Harajuku is a must. Make your way to the salon named Maison de Julietta and you’ll have the chance to transform into a sweet lolita.

    About the Salon

    Maison de Julietta introduced the concept of the “Harajuku Lolita Experience” when they opened in 2012. From then on, the salon has continued expanding and attracting lolita fashion fans both Japanese and foreign. Most of the salons are filled with kawaii fashion accessories for guests so they can easily transform into cute Lolitas complete with hair and make-up touches. The styling director of the salon is Tamami who is experienced in Lolita hair and make-up techniques. You will also be supervised by a model named Misako Aoki who helps in spreading Lolita fashion and culture in Japan.

    The Services

    The services rendered come as a basic plan or a walk plan. The basic plan costs 9,980 yen and is comprised of hair and make-up, set-up dressed photography (up to 3 persons) as well as tea and cookies. The walk plan will give you the chance to leave the studio and walk through the fashionable area of Harajuku. It costs 6,000 yen for an hour of walking. Additional options include wigs (1,500 yen) and false eyelashes (500 yen). Take note of bringing a short-sleeved top as an undershirt since some of the clothes are made of sheer fabric. If you forget to do so, you may rent one for 200 yen (exclusive of tax). Misako will supervise you during each process as well as help you to choose the lolita fashion you want.

    Maison de Julietta is open every day from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. You can check their website to find out how to make a reservation and for any additional information. All you have to do is to give them the date and time of your choice and make sure you arrive on schedule.

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