3 of the Best Pizza Places in Osaka to Satisfy those Deliciously Naughty Cravings!

  • I believe that pizza is the greatest creation that humankind has yet made. When the aliens come to our little blue and green planet to conquer us and blow up our national monuments, they will taste pizza and immediately reverse their policy, and invite us into whatever federation of planets there is out there. All of it will be because of pizza.

    As someone who loves pizza (to a somewhat shocking extent), I was very depressed when I came to Japan. Pizza in Japan is seriously overpriced, over-sweet, and over-topped (too many toppings). Seriously?! Pizza with asparagus and mayo?! Come on! So where can you get good pizza in Japan? Here are a few places.

    1. Shakey’s Pizza

    As mentioned earlier, pizza is very expensive. In many pizza delivery places, you can slap down over 2000 or 3000 yen for a tiny pizza. If you want quantity over quality, Shakey’s is your place. Shakey’s is a pizza buffet, and it is cheap! If you visit at lunchtime it is only 710 yen for the buffet. In my opinion, the drink bar is very overpriced so I would recommend sticking to water if you’re on a budget. There are a lot of strange toppings on these pizzas too, but they usually have a good selection of plain cheese, pepperoni, and Hawaiian pizza. Like I said, Shakey’s is not the best tasting, but for the price you pay you won’t find much better than that.

    Shakey’s Pizza Website*Japanese Only

    2. Pizzeria Bar Napoli in Shisaibashi

    Napoli is true Italian style pizza. The taste of the pizzas is exceptional. Furthermore, if you go for lunch the pizzas are incredibly cheap. Only 500 yen each! For Japan, that is a steal. The pizzas are a little small compared to American sizes (well, anything is small when compared to American sizes), but for 700 yen you can get the pizza of your choice, a salad, and a drink. My personal favorite is the Diavola pizza. It’s cheese and thinly sliced celery and is a little spicier. But you can never go wrong wit their classic margarita pizza. For a good price, and good pizza check out Pizza Napoli.

    Tabelog Website

    3. Pizza Salvatore Cuomo

    Salvatore’s is a new kid on the block. It is a much more high-quality restaurant and the most expensive place on the list. But it has the best pizza that I have had in Japan. What really sets Salvatore’s above the rest is their varied menu. While their main deal is pizza, they also have excellent salads, pasta, and other side dishes. I recommend having the lunch buffet, for only 1200 yen. When I go to this buffet, the last thing I get is the pizza, because everything else is also so good. There are several locations in Osaka, but I recommend the location in America-Mura, it is almost never super busy, and they have an open kitchen so you can see them making the pizza.

    Pizza Salvatore Cuomo Website

    I hope you enjoy these recommendations, please like, share and comment below if you have any other places you would like to recommend! Enjoy!

    *Featured Image:jp.fotolia.com/

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