Check Out Japan’s Latest Healthy and Delicious Creation: Salad Cake!

  • Japan is the land of foodies – with a variety of ethnic cuisines available almost everywhere. For a country that literally has dozens of kit kat flavors alone and ‘mash ups’ of everything – from cheesecake in a crepe, rice inside an omelette and even curry bread, it shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise to find out that there is even healthy cake. Welcome to the amazing salad cake – the ultimate foodie mash-up.

    Mitsuki Moriyasu

    From the innovative brain of a local food stylist, Mitsuki Moriyasu, her creations are quite a sight to behold and even better to taste! Inspired by the French restaurant she ran for over 30 years, the creations definitely have a French flair and really do look like actual cakes! From their frosting exterior with intricate flower icing designs and beautiful colors, it is so hard to believe that they have been made with vegetables alone.

    Salad cakes

    Now salad cakes are not exactly a brand new invention. It’s quite common in Sweden and Finland though their version started out more like a sandwich that looks like a cake. The base consisted of bread along with a mayo and hummus spread as well as vegetable garnishes. Also, occasionally it’s known to have savory components such as seafood and shrimp. So it isn’t uncommon for people to have tried it in these particular countries.

    However, the Japanese salad cake version takes this idea up a notch by making them both a pleasure to see and eat. The frosting itself is of tofu-based ingredients or cream cheese. The garnishes and colors come from assorted vegetables, using nature’s own color palette as a guideline. It also uses koji – a fermented food known to have health benefits. The results are impressive. This really is one way to get you and even your kids to start eating their vegetables, and for a change cake truly can be good for you!

    So hurry down to Vegedeco Salad cafe in Nagoya and purchase your own salad cake creation today. A slice starts at 735 yen (or approximately $6.30 USD). Also, note that the cakes change with the season so there is sure to be something for everyone. Itadakimasu!

    VegeDeco Salad Website


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