Celebrate Sailor Moon’s Birthday at Q-Pot Cafe and Indulge In Adorable Themed Sweets!

  • With just about two weeks left before the Sailor Moon exhibit’s Chibiusa Cafe ends its operation, it seems like another cafe is set up to make a collaboration with the ever popular pretty guardian sailors who have been loved by many fans throughout the years.

    Q-pot Cafe, from the popular accessories shop Q-pot, is having a collaboration with the Sailor Moon franchise and will be bringing in a number of delectable treats all fans will enjoy! Make sure to read until the end because the Sailor Moon fever is not over yet!

    Q-pot Cafe Sailor Moon Collaboration

    For the period of almost a month and a half from June 30th until August 17th, the Q-pot Cafe and Sailor Moon collaboration will take place bringing in a number of sweet delights, allowing everyone to celebrate Usagi and Chibiusa’s birthdays! So what sweets are can we to look forward to?

    Cosmic Heart Macaron Plate

    The Cosmic Heart Macaron Plate, which includes a plate and drink set, is a mousse cake that is modeled after the image of the cosmic heart compact when opened. For the included drink, you can choose from the Gift of the Moon Fairies Tea or the Rainbow Moon Heartache Soda.

    Pink Sugar Heart Parfait

    The Pink Sugar Heart Parfait comes with a coaster and special drink and is a parfait that resembles Sailor Chibi Moon’s pink moon stick. The cute colors of the parfait will be sure to give you a pink sugar rush you won’t be able to resist with every bite!

    Gift of the Moon Fairies Tea

    The Gift of the Moon Fairies Tea is one of the two special drinks for the collaboration and is based on the image of Luna, Artemis and Diana. Using Artemis’ cream and milk color and Luna’s blueberry color, the drink is mixed together and you get a blueberry milk-flavored drink that matches Diana !

    Rainbow Moon Heartache Soda

    And lastly, the other one of the two special drinks is the Rainbow Moon Heartache Soda. The drink’s image is inspired by Super Sailor Moon’s special attack, the rainbow moon heartache. Along with the colorful soda, a rainbow colored butterfly is added to make a fantastic and cute drink.

    For us who loves the Sailor Moon franchise, it’s certainly a great chance to experience this event if we have the chance. There is only a short amount of time left before the collaboration starts so make sure to drop by when it begins!

    Q-Pot Cafe

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