Check Out Isshobin in Mie Prefecture For Kaiten Zushi’s Cousin: Conveyor Belt Beef!

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  • I’m sure many of you are familiar with the popular conveyor belt passing sushi to your table in Japan known as kaiten zushi. You probably have even tried it on a trip to Japan or your home country! Kaiten zushi is considered a fun way to dine by many.

    If you’re looking for a different selection of dishes aside from sushi but still want it served in the same cool conveyor belt-style way to your table, then you might want to take a peek at what Isshobin has in store for you!


    While it may seem like sushi is the only selection of food served in a conveyor belt system, this is rather a misconception because Isshobin serves something that isn’t related to sushi at all!

    Located in Matsuzaka City in Mie Prefecture, Isshobin has taken the opportunity of using the conveyor belt system to serve yakiniku instead! But the most popular of Isshobin’s dishes is none other than Matsuzaka’s pride which is their Matsuzaka beef.

    Matsuzaka beef is arguably one of the best types of beef in Japan alongside Kobe beef and Yonezawa beef. In particular, Matsuzaka beef has a stronger taste and texture, due to the cows being slaughtered later than the usual time required for cattle that are bred for beef.

    What sets Isshobin’s kaiten yakiniku apart from the regular kaiten style is that the dishes rotate in a refrigerated conveyor belt, unlike sushi which goes around in the open air. This is to assure that the meat stays fresh once the customers are ready to pick their choice. But the price is also decided with the different plates which range from 250 yen up to 1,150 yen per plate. All you have to do is pick your plate of beef and grill the yakiniku at your table.

    Many people like to eat meat for a good meal and what could be more enjoyable than yakiniku kaiten style? The excitement of waiting for what dish will pass through is something to look forward to and of course the grilling time itself is always fun. So if you’d like to try this kaiten yakiniku for yourself, be sure to stop by Isshobin!

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