Try This Incredibly Popular and Delicious Donburi On Your Way to Hitsujiyama Park!

  • While I was in Chichibu recently to enjoy the nice spring flower festival at Hitsujiyama Park (羊山公園) in May, I came across a nice yummy place for lunch (thanks to my dear friend for doing some checking up). This place seems popular with the locals but is not well known to foreign visitors. The place that I am referring to is a restaurant called Nosaka (野さか).


    nosaka store front

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    What they mainly serve at Nosaka are donburi meals, more specifically butamisodon (豚みぞ丼), a miso pork rice bowl. They came in 3 different sizes, normal (並), large (大盛) and special size (特盛). I chose large last time as I was pretty hungry. The portion that came was larger than I expected. But it was so yummy that I had no problem finishing the meal. For especially hungry people or those who want a challenge, you might be tempted to order the special size, which is double the size of the normal portion.

    Ordering Your Food
    The large order

    nosaka butamisodon

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    So, how do you make your order in the shop? Basically, the first thing you need to do is write your name in the reservation book (if there is not much of a queue, you maybe able to skip this part). Next, wait to be called into the restaurant. Once you enter, choose the dish that you want by making the selection from the ticket machine and make the payment first. Next, hand the coupon that came out of the machine to the person in charge before the staff direct you to be seated.

    Extra Information

    Nosaka is located conveniently near Seibu-Chichibu station, taking only about a 10-minute journey on foot. Plus, it is located along the route to popular attraction there, Hitsujiyama Park.

    This place is so popular that even though we arrived there at 10:30 am (the restaurant opens at 11:00 am), there was already a huge crowd waiting outside and we had to wait for nearly 2 hours before we were able to enter. So, be sure to go there earlier! In addition, only a limited amount of donburi are sold. Once the quota has been reached, they will stop accepting customers. The restaurant basically makes an estimation on the customer limit based on their reservation list.

    So, do you need more convincing? How about trying the delicious butamisodon yourself before or after a nice stroll in the park?


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