Did You Know that Japan is Opening Another Theme Park? Brace Yourselves for Legoland Park!

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  • Japan boasts a number of attractions for both the young and the young at heart. But of course, we all know that the popular ones that first come to mind in Japan are Disney Resort, Universal Studios in Osaka, and Fuji-Q Highland in Yamanashi. No doubt that all thrill-seeking travelers will have ventured here during their travels.

    However, there is still one more popular theme park that other countries have that Japan doesn’t – Legoland Park. While there is the popular Legoland Discovery Center, everyone wants the joys of the full-scale park, right? Well, listen up because Legoland is coming to Japan but it may take just a little bit of patience.

    About Legoland

    Legoland is a popular children’s/family theme park owned by Lego Group and Merlin Entertainments and also operated by the latter. There are currently 6 operating Legoland Parks all over the world with the first in Billund, Denmark which opened in 1968. With expansion projects coming up, Japan is lucky to be part of the list to have the theme park built in the country!

    Legoland Japan

    First news about Legoland Japan came out in April 2015 with Merlin Entertainments’ CEO Nick Barney and Nagoya’s Mayor Takashi Kawamura officially announcing the start of the park’s construction.

    Sitting at 9.3 hectares, the park situated in Minato-ku in Nagoya is expected to house more than 40 attractions as well as a 2.1-meter high reproduction of Nagoya Castle by using more than 225,000 lego bricks. On May 19th, Legoland Japan’s grand opening date was announced on the official website to start operations on April 1st, 2017.

    There is currently no news on how much ticket prices will be, but the yearly pass named “1st To Play” is set at 17,300 yen for adults and 13,300 yen for children. The annual pass comes with special privileges such as a 10% discount on food and drinks sold in the park. Legoland Japan is the 8th park to open following Legoland Dubai’s opening in October and is also hoping to raise foreign and local visitors to Nagoya and Legoland Japan itself.

    While it may take a while before the park’s opening, there is no doubt that those who want to visit a Legoland Park will no longer need to travel abroad! The official website has a countdown clock to the opening day but as we all know, time flies so Legoland Japan’s 1st April 2017 opening will be here before you know it!

    Legoland Japan Website


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