Sailor Moon’s Birthday Is Coming and So Are These Adorable Collaboration Accessories!

  • If you’re a fan of the Sailor Moon franchise and love the series to this day, there’s no doubt you’ve been interested in Sailor Moon merchandise once or twice in your life. Now with Usagi’s upcoming birthday, it seems instead of us giving a gift to her, the Sailor Moon franchise is collaborating with Q-pot to give us some cool accessories!

    Q-pot is a popular accessories shop that creates fascinating items in the image of sweets and this is their second collaboration with the popular Sailor Moon brand. This time around, Sailor Moon fans can enjoy the collaboration offerings that they have in store for us so let’s check them out!

    Q-pot and Sailor Moon Collaboration Accessories

    The Q-pot and Sailor Moon collaboration accessories will be out starting on June 30th, which is Tsukino Usagi or Sailor Moon’s birthday. This has been the second time Q-pot has made a collaboration with the Sailor Moon franchise and if you missed out on the last one, don’t worry because there are plenty of items that will be up for grabs for all fans to choose from. This collaboration is a dream for Sailor Moon fans, as Q-pot is releasing the cutest items they can offer.

    Rainbow Moon Chalice Necklace

    The rainbow moon chalice necklace is a gold plated necklace with the design of the legendary rainbow moon chalice. Within the chalice are the 3 talismans shining brightly in gold, Super Sailor Moon’s silhouette and also the marks of each of the ten Sailor Guardians. This item is priced at 28,000 yen.

    Cosmic Heart Macaron Keychain

    Aside from the rainbow moon chalice necklace, a keychain in the image of the cosmic heart compact will also be introduced. Using Swarovski crystals and gold, the keychain has rather a high-class feel and is available for the price of 13,000 yen.

    Sailor Praline Chocolat Rings and Sailor Praline Chocolat Bag Charm (Inner and Outer Guardians)

    Next up are the rings of both the inner and outer guardians. The 5 inner guardians including Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus’ rings are sold as a 5 ring set for 6,300 yen while the outer guardians including Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto’s 3 ring set is sold for 7, 500 yen. Both the guardian’s planets inspired rings also have a bag charm version which is sold for 6,800 yen for the inner guardians and 8,000 yen for the outer guardians.

    Sailor Chibi Moon will also be getting her own “pink sugar pate de fruit” keychain for 7,000 yen. And while Sailor Saturn might not have her own part in the sailor praline chocolat rings, Sailor Saturn’s civilian character, Hotaru Chan will instead have her own hotaru amulet pate de fruit necklace for 9,000 yen. There are many more items to choose from as well including Artemis, Luna and Diana’s earrings, a tote bag, iPhone cases and more!

    All these items will be on sale starting on June 30th right at the same time as the Q-pot Cafe and Sailor Moon collaboration! No matter how long the Sailor Moon franchise has been running, it still stands strong to this day thanks to all its fans. So if you’re looking forward to purchasing these special items, you should make your way down to Q-pot’s accessory branches once they come out!

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