Soak in the Beauty of Nature and Japanese Tradition at a Luxurious Sanctuary Ryokan

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  • At the tip of Noto Peninsula is the Yoshigaura Onsen (葭ヶ浦温泉) which was first established in 1579. Also, there is only one isolated ryokan (Japanese inn) nearby called, “Lamp No Yado” which was built around 1790 and has always been popular among guests looking for a luxurious onsen that’s secluded with has a great view. Let’s take a closer look at this hidden gem!

    Lamp No Yado

    The name “Lamp No Yado” originated from the fact that the village initially had no electricity in the past; only oil lamps were used for lighting. However, nowadays, oil lamps are still used in some areas such as the dining room. The place exudes an aura of Japanese authenticity and tradition which feels like you’ve momentarily stepped into Japanese history. The inn was actually established by descendants of the Heike family who were survivors of the war against Genji and is probably one of the reasons why it was built in seclusion.

    The Rooms and Cuisine

    All rooms provide a relaxed and soothing view. The inn has a dark appearance as the walls are painted black which adapts to the surrounding cliffs. The beautifully lit pool is also a gorgeous contrast to the entire area and is located near the higher-priced rooms of the inn. The inn also has a large dining area where you can expect the freshest seafood and seasonal delicacies being served every day. There is also the option of private dining which is great for planning a nice, romantic evening. On top of that, there is a decent selection of Japanese sake available but they also give guests the option of bringing their own too.

    This is definitely a unique destination which bathes in traditional Japanese nature with a touch of modern comforts. So, if you’re traveling to Japan soon, be sure to check out this amazing hidden gem.

    Lamp no Yado Website


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