Family Mart Encourages You to Grow Your Own Salad With These Convenient Kits!

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  • With the rising number of body conscious individuals present in this generation, many people are trying harder to eat more greens. The easiest and perhaps the tastiest way of eating vegetables comes in the form of salads and a variety of shops serving them have been popping up here and there in Japan.

    Our one stop convenience stores here were not left out of the trend, but one specific store has put out something not only healthy but also fun for those who love their greens and who have a green thumb too! Why not try to cultivate your own salad with Family Mart’s sodateru salad!

    Family Mart Sodateru Salad & Yakumi

    Family Mart’s Family Mart Garden first brought out the Sodateru Salad cultivation kit in April 2016, with the concept of “Fun to grow, fun to eat” in mind. The first of these came in two variations which are the garden lettuce mix and basil. Looking at the sodateru salad package, you might mistake the packaging for that of a ramen but thankfully these kits are placed separately just below the salad section.

    Each kit is sold for 462 yen and comes with its own seed, condensed potting soil, additional fertilizer, and instructions. The kit can be used in 4 easy steps:

    1. Add water to the soil.
    2. Plant the seed in the soil.
    3. Grow the plants until the first leaves appear making sure it gets enough sun and water for 30-50 days for the Garden Salad Mix and 50-60 days for the Basil.
    4. Harvest the plant and enjoy!

    After harvesting the plant for the first time, just add the included fertilizer to continue raising the plant until it’s ready for the next harvest.

    Just this May 17th, Family Mart added two new additions called the Sodateru Yakumi or vegetable condiments which can also be used as medicine adding the ao shiso (green perilla) and the hanegi (a kind of Welsh onion.)

    While it may take a while before you can actually eat the plants you grew, the excitement of growing your own salad is where the fun starts. If you’d like to try cultivating your own greens, then why not start off by buying a kit from your nearest Family Mart branch?

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