Can These Japanese Potato Chips Replace Your Breakfast?

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  • I’m sure many of you have heard of the numerous kinds of potato chip flavors exist in Japan. Potato chip flavors here can range from simple and tasty like the classic ‘Nori Shio’ (seaweed salt) to the weirdest ones like ‘Ika no Shiokara’ (squid shiokara) you could never have imagined possible.

    One well known company that has contributed to a number of these potato chip flavors has come up with 2 brand new ones that have a special feature: they can substitute your breakfast! Will these two new flavors revolutionize the way you take your breakfast? Take a look at Koikeya’s Toast and Milk flavored Potato Chips.

    Koikeya’s Breakfast Flavors

    Just last year popular Japanese snack maker Koikeya released Peach and Banana flavored potato chips as a part of their breakfast potato chips range. Koikeya’s goal was to make potato chips a fourth alternative breakfast option alongside rice, bread, and granola.

    While the majority of people love their potato chips, the biggest factor to consider here was the nutritional content that one could get from them. But putting that issue aside, this time around Koikeya has come up with two additional flavors, so we can surely say breakfast is served.

    While it might be weird to think Koikeya brought out rice flavored potato chips first, it seems they took quite a Western approach to breakfast with the Toast and Milk flavors.

    Toast Flavored Potato Chips

    Even though Japan’s staple food is rice, bread has become a popular alternative in recent years. On the label of the toast flavored potato chips, it says that Hokkaido butter was used to add some taste to the toast, Hokkaido being a region that is well known for its dairy products. It seems Koikeya was intent on not only making the chips smell like morning toast but taste like it as well.

    Milk Flavored Potato Chips

    Milk has always been a part of our daily breakfast in Japan. With a great emphasis on the importance of drinking enough milk during our younger years, Koikeya did not want to skip that part of breakfast. The milk flavored potato chips also capture the taste and aroma of milk and even adds in 67mg of calcium.

    The toast and milk breakfast flavors have only come out on May 30th this year (2016). What do you think of Koikeya’s new breakfast flavored potato chips? While I do think having a proper breakfast is important, many people have a hectic morning schedule, so who knows Koikeya might be on to something.

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