Digital Kawaii: 3 of the Cutest Japanese Mobile Games Available in English!

  • Nowadays, most people have mobile phones that are almost attached to their limbs, and the same is true in Japan. Mobile phones are everywhere, on the train, inside waiting areas, on the streets, and in restaurants! In Japan (and probably around the world), there are various reasons people are glued to their mobile phones – surfing the internet, checking social media, reading, gaming, and so on. Gaming is a massive industry in Japan, and mobile games are no exception, with the market growing by 25% from 2014 to 2015.

    As many people know, Japan is almost always synonymous with the cute (kawaii) culture from cute clothes, fictional characters, posters, and the many prefecture mascots, cuteness is everywhere – and now also in mobile games!

    Mobile Games

    There are a large number of wildly popular Japanese mobile games in the market but are exclusive only to Japan, sadly. However, some games have been localized in English which is a great opportunity for English-speaking folks to enjoy Japan through their games. So with that said, here are 3 of the cutest mobile games from Japan that you can play!

    1. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

    This game which features the simple premise of collecting cats by luring them with food and toys has taken the world by storm. And why wouldn’t it? It can be quite addictive collecting adorable cats and watching them interact with your little world.

    Neko Atsume was initially released in Japan in October 2014 and soon became very popular all over the world with many overseas fans hoping for an English version to be released. So, on October 2015 that wish was granted and the world became smitten with Neko Atsume! To play, this game is currently compatible with both iOS and Android.


    2. Sailor Moon Drops

    We’ve been out of the 90s for the longest time, but Sailor Moon still has an enormous fan base all around the world. Sailor Moon Drops features the iconic Pretty Guardian with all her friends and foes.

    Sailor Moon Drops is a match-3 game, reminiscent of Candy Crush. The characters are chibi and it is arguably one of the cutest match-3 games out there. It features Japanese dialogue with English text, with a storyline throughout each level. The game is highly rated and available in both iOS and Android.

    Sailor Moon Website

    3. LoveLive! School Idol Festival

    Ah, LoveLive! Beloved by otakus, idolized by girls. In this hit rhythm action game, you get the chance to manage μ’s, the anime’s idol group. You can create your own idol group and even improve each member’s talent with a practice mode.

    The game was also initially developed as a Japan-only game by producers KLabGames and bushiroad, but the demand for an English version was also very high. The game was released worldwide for iOS on April 16, 2013, and for Android on June 6, 2013.

    School Idol Festival Website

    If it’s kawaii you are looking for, Japan cannot be beaten which is evident with these three games. There’s still a lot of mobile games that fans are hoping to be localized (Ritoru Noa, Specter Watch PuniPuni and more). Let’s keep crossing our fingers for more Japanese games becoming available in English soon! Enjoy!

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