Unleash Your Inner Ninja at Miraikan Through This Special Exhibition!

  • The first country that comes to mind whenever you hear the word ninja is, of course, Japan. Espionage, infiltration, and assassination. These were the three things the hidden ninjas of Japan were skilled at during their heyday. However, due to their secretive nature, information about ninjas and their history is quite scarce.

    Thanks to a number of films and anime, many people have taken an interest in a ninja’s job, wanting to find out more about them. Well luckily, the popular Miraikan has something in store for all the ninja fans out there. Ready to unleash your hidden ninja? Then why not check out The NINJA?

    The NINJA -忍者ってナンジャ!?- (The NINJA – who were they?)

    Ninja or also known as shinobi, was a covert person trained in Japanese martial arts and employed as mercenaries during the feudal era in Japan. While more in-depth information regarding ninjas is still shrouded in mystery, the academic researchers of Mie University and others who led the exhibit have found three elements which are areas that a ninja is specifically trained in and the truth about these skills.

    These three elements consists of the mind (心), the skills (技), and the body (体) that of which the exhibit will be divided into. Visitors to the exhibit will be able to unravel the mystery of the true ninja through available historical records, science and experiencing ninja techniques.

    What to Expect

    Visitors to the exhibit are given the chance to train themselves in throwing a shuriken, improve their jumping power, and skills such as memory enhancing techniques, sending secret messages and even special breathing techniques required for successful completion of a mission is also introduced.

    The exhibit has 6 areas with the first being the ninja lab, followed by the three elements with stage 1 to improve your body, stage 2 to enhance your skills and stage 3 to perfect your mind. After finishing the 3 stages, you will be led to the ninja certification area and lastly the ninja shop to prep up the ninja in you.

    The Ninja Exhibit will start on July 2nd and continue until October 10th. Admission for adults who are 19 or older is 1,600 yen, elementary school to high school students admission is 1,000 yen and only 500 yen for kindergarten students.

    While you won’t be able to learn how to make your own bunshin jutsu or summon your own kyuubi like Naruto, getting to learn the 3 important elements of a being a ninja is what makes the exhibit fun. If you’re interested in bringing out your inner ninja, make sure to head down to Miraikan for the exhibit!

    Details on Miraikan’s Website

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