A Simple Way to Eat Rice and Eggs that Will Change the Way You Eat!

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  • TKG – Today’s young generations all know and use this abbreviation. This indicates “tamago kake gohan”, which is simply rice with an egg.
    We often eat this for our breakfast or light meal. This is literally simple and easy, but also known as one of the best Japanese food for men and women of all ages.
    Let me introduce this TKG with some examples and recipes!

    1. What’s tamago kake gohan?

    T: tamago = egg
    K: kake = put
    G: gohan = rice

    You put an egg on rice. This is TKG, tamago kake gohan.
    You might feel something is missing when you put only an egg on the rice.
    Then, add some soy sauce to it. It will taste richer and sweeter.
    Also sesame oil helps it taste stronger. Anyways, you just need some simple seasonings to spice it up.

    “All I need at the table is TKG, nothing else!”
    Japanese people say it. We love such a plain food most.

    2. Unique recipes of TKG

    Some of you may think this is too casual and simple to eat as a meal.
    Even we Japanese sometimes feel so.
    Thus, there are tons of interesting recipes that you can refer to when you try TKG.

    a. Soak an egg in soy sauce for hours

    Just keep a broken egg in soy sauce as long as you like.
    The egg turns to this blackish yellow after hours. Then put it on rice!

    b. Add butter


    You can simply cut a slice of butter and add it to the TKG.
    It turns to be well-seasoned. You will need nothing else!

    c. Add seasoned cod roe

    If you can find seasoned cod roe at a supermarket in your country, add some.
    Spicy flavor will be added to the mild TKG.

    3. To those who still don’t feel enough

    The above recipes are mostly for Japanese, who are used to weak flavor.
    So, here are some extra repertories for those who love stronger taste.

    a. Add kimchi

    Sorry it isn’t Japanese food, but kimchi will be well-matched with TKG.
    If you need something spicy with TKG, try this!

    b. Put tuna

    Well, this is going to be a bit different dish, but it should be a healthy and beautiful meal.
    If you like sushi or row fish, it will be worth trying as well.


    TKG is the most simple and easiest Japanese food to prepare.
    If you are at home and don’t feel like going out to grab some food, take out an egg from the fridge, and microwave a bowl of rice.
    While you are waiting for the rice heated up, pick up some seasonings to top with it.
    After 5 minutes, you will be ready for the mealtime!