See Gorgeous Locations in Japan Off the Beaten Path: 3 Beautiful Rice Terraces

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  • Did you know that the harmony of people and nature living together in Japan can be found in terraced rice fields? In order to ensure a healthy growth of rice, the waterways and amount of sun exposure must be considered. That is why these terraced rice paddies can be seen amidst beautiful scenery where the sun rises and sets. I will be introducing three of the most beautiful terraced rice paddies in the country.

    Rice Terraces of Ohaganishi (Okayama Prefecture)

    The rice terraces of Ohaganishi are located in the northwestern part of Okayama Prefecture. It is considered to be one of the largest as it is three to four times bigger than the average terraced rice paddy. These rice terraces lie at an altitude of 400 meters with a curved landscape. It is a popular destination for photography with plenty of viewing points to choose from. There is a recommended driving route as well as a tour path for visitors. Ohaganishi’s rice terrace is accessible from JR Kamenoko Sta.


    Oyama Senmaida Rice Terraces (Chiba Prefecture)

    The rice terraces of Oyama Senmaida are located in the heavily forested hills of Kamogawa City. The beautiful rice paddies are a product of the recent year’s hard work in farming. Local farmers, together with urban dwellers, helped in preserving this culture. If you want to visit the field, you can do so depending on what you would like to see. The plants are barely visible during early summer and late spring and glows in golden hues right before harvest time. The terraces reachable by car via Tokyo Bay Aqualine.


    Rice Terraces of Hoshitoge (Niigata Prefecture)

    This is a private crop field which boasts picturesque landscapes. Though it is not really considered a tourist site, it is popular for its breathtaking views during the different seasons. Spring provides a relaxing atmosphere with the surrounding colors of the trees and crops. The field looks very green during summer while in autumn, golden colors emerge. Perhaps the most beautiful time is during the winter when the field is enveloped by white snow.


    These places are worth a visit, especially for those of you looking to find Japan’s hidden treasures. At the rice terraces, you can bask in Japan’s natural beauty while learning about the culture of rice planting.

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