Unveiling Japanese Secrets : Tottori Sand Dunes

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  • Yes! Japan has sand dunes.

    Contrary to other people’s beliefs that visiting Japan means walking on temple or castle grounds, taking pictures of cherry blossom trees, skiing in winter or visiting the famous amusement parks such as Disneyland and Universal studios, there is more to Japan than those usual activities.

    Located at the outskirts of Tottori City are the 16-kilometer long and 2-kilometer wide sand dunes which are formed from volcanic ashes. Around 2 million tourists, mostly from Asia, are visiting Tottori Sand Dunes each year to enjoy the view and outdoor activities. Going there will make you feel like questioning why Japan has been hiding this beautiful place.

    The breathtaking view is best photographed during sunrise or sunset, as the sun rays produce beautiful shadows and brighter colors. It is fun walking around the sand dunes on a sunny day.

    If you are up to experiencing new things, riding a camel is definitely a must-try when you are visiting the place. Being atop of a camel while enjoying the view is definitely awesome!

    If you yearn for adventure, the paragliding and sand boarding activities in Tottori Dunes are awesome. You have the contrast of a desert, the sparkling blue sea, the green slopes and the islands nearby.

    Imagine yourself hiking up the slopes enjoying the view, then you set your feet to sand when boarding, and the next minute enjoying the waters on the beach! Pure fun!

    The view at night is worth witnessing too. City lights across the sea add wonder to the natural beauty of Tottori Sand dunes.

    A sand sculpture museum can be found in the vicinity too. You can find sculptures of famous landmarks and art pieces from all over the world all made of sand!


    Beautiful and just amazing, visiting Tottori Sand Dunes is like discovering a secret of Japan. Its indoor and outdoor activities, its picturesque sceneries and its camel rides are a once-in-a-lifetime experience you must have when visiting Japan.

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