5 Must-Visit Places at One of Osaka’s Most Fascinating and Unusual Hot Spots: Ame-Mura!

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  • Ame-Mura (American Mura) is a famous shopping district in downtown Osaka. It is famous for having great shops, delicious food, and an atmosphere that is difficult to find anywhere else in Japan.

    1. Big Step

    Big Step is a giant shopping center square in the middle of Ame-Mura. It has many clothing shops and some great restaurants. This is a really cool place and well worth your time. One of the many places you need to check out is the Mexican restaurant which is really delicious and serves some of the best Mexican you will find here in Japan.

    2. Flying Tiger

    Flying Tiger is a very interesting shop from Copenhagen filled with a wide range of fun and interesting items that are all very reasonably priced. It is a shop that’s similar to Ikea, but no furniture. There are a lot of great decorations and small items for your desk available, but avoid the electronics (they are not that great).

    3. Tower Ice

    This shop doesn’t appear to have a name, it’s just a tiny shop that sells a giant tower of ice cream! This is my favorite place in Ame-Mura, the ice cream is delicious, cheap and perfect for cooling you down on a hot summer’s day!

    4. Totti Candy Shop

    Totti Candy Shop is a little candy store beside the ice cream shop that offers an amazing selection of incredible candy. It may seem a little pricey, but the candy is very delicious and well worth your time and money. Also, if you love cotton candy, then be sure to try the giant boat-shaped cotton candy they have on offer!

    5. The Apple Store

    Yes, it’s true, you can find Apple stores anywhere but this is the only Apple Store in the entire Kansai area! As expected, Apple have so many high-quality products available, but what makes this store great is that you have the opportunity to find Japanese-themed iPad and iPhone covers with artistic and unique designs.

    Ame-Mura offers many great shopping attractions, so if you’re in the Osaka region, venture out and visit Ame-Mura and be sure to stop by these 5 great stores, you won’t regret it!

    America Mura Website


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