Want to sleep with a good looking guy or a pretty girl? Then Check out Japan’s Cuddle Cafes!

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  • Japan is becoming more progressive and modern as years go by. To accommodate this fast-paced country, Japanese citizens have become more career oriented and marriage, although still culturally important, is being pushed to a later date for the working population.

    Dating has also become difficult. Therefore, it is safe to assume that more men and women in Japan are sleeping alone, especially in urban places such as Tokyo. With this target market in mind, a unique service has started in Japan – the cuddle café.

    What are cuddle cafes?

    Cuddle cafes or co-sleeping specialty shops basically offer services like hugs and cuddling with girls for the lonely men that want some comfort after a long and tiring day of work.

    Included in the services,for an additional fee, you can also get the girl to change, stare at you, lay your head on her lap or let her head pet you.

    The cuddle cafes are a way of releasing stress and anxiety by getting a warm hug at the end of the day and is a service quite popular between office workers in Japan that feel the need to be comforted and loved(even it is just a facade, half an hour or more spent with someone is essential for those who have no one to return to at home).

    Milky Rolik

    For tired single men, the best way to rest is to sleep in the comfort of a woman’s presence and Milky Rolik offers just that!
    You also have the option to choose the VIP room for 7,000 yen, room more spacious and nice than the others, with TV, dvd and many other options included.

    Milky Rolik also offers options as cosplay and depending on the course, you can also hold hands, try the bottom pillow, take some purikura together etc.

    Milku Rolik Website*Japanese Only

    Soine-ya in Shinjuku

    Soine-ya, which literally means ‘sleep together shop’ is primarily a service for young women to sleep beside the client. A woman is randomly assigned to the client but if the client wishes to choose a specific girl, he can do so for an additional fee. There are also other non-sexual requests the clients can ask for such as stroking the girl’s hair for three minutes or staring at each other for a minute. Of course, these requests are charged extra.


    Rose Group

    On the other hand, for women looking for a boyfriend-for-hire or an ikemen to cuddle with, the Rose Group. is ready to present its list of handsome young men.

    For cuddling, there is Rose Sheep where you can find two available courses you can choose from: The quick course(afternoon nap) and the long course. In the quick course you have 3 available options: 2h (for 20,000 yen), 3h(for 30,000 yen) and 4h(for 40,000 yen); the first-timers also get a discount of 5,000 yen.

    The long course is from 6h to 48h (the 48h one costs not less than 300,000 yen so not many can afford it though!).
    For the long course the discount for first timers is 10,000 yen.

    You may think is too expensive, but you can also get aroma treatment, dream counseling and the possibility to choose whatever style you’d like if you want to rent a boyfriend from Rose Sheep, as they also have rental boyfriends as a service.


    With that said, there is no kissing or intimate contact allowed between the employees and the clients. Also, clients are not allowed to ask for the employee’s number or to contact them.

    The service that these cuddle cafes provide seems to come straight from a manga or a movie. It is amusing to think that the founders of these places thought to address this problem of lonely men and women in Japan. Although it is admittedly a bit expensive, the concept seems to work as evident by the many shops in Tokyo offering the same services. Personally, I’m not quite sure what to think about this service but hey, the boyfriend-for-rent will probably be useful if I need an urgent escort to a party. One cute arm candy, please!

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