Wait in Style in One of these Uniquely Cute and Creative Bus Stops in Nagasaki!

  • Who would ever get bored waiting for a bus in these fruit-shaped bus stops in Japan? These quirky creations are located in Konagai of Nagasaki Japan. These creative bus stops started during the 1990 Nagasaki Travel Exposition to help attract more visitors and promote tourism. Check it out!

    The Design

    A total of 16 bus stops are shaped into different fruits (strawberry, watermelon, tomato, orange, muskmelon). These are located on a national highway along the Ariake Sea Coastline far away from the busy city which helps to preserve their natural charm. They’ve been built in a way that makes them easy to maintain and some even have benches installed on the outside (as well as the inside) allowing people to enjoy the fresh air while they wait. Each bus stop also has small windows to allow more air to pass through as well. All are remarkably well-maintained and are fully functional even after a quarter of a century since being built.


    These fruit-shaped bus stops were originally built for the 1990 Nagasaki Travel Exposition to delight visitors and were specifically designed to represent the region’s main agricultural products. This is why you won’t see any apple bus stops in the area as it isn’t a locally grown fruit. Instead, you’ll be greeted with red tomatoes as these are one of the highly-valued commodities in the area. The Expo ran for 6 months attracting many tourists to the area. It became so successful that a wider audience hit the town following smaller fairs. On March 1, 2005, the town (Konagai) merged with Isahaya to form a bigger place for the attractions to be discovered.

    So does this make you want to visit beautifully fresh Nagasaki, even if it’s for a fleeting moment? These are just one of the many fun and creative reasons to visit. There’s so much to see and do here while enjoying scenic views of the sea.


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