Explore Sumida Aquarium and Observe the Firefly Night In a Unique Atmosphere!

  • With the warm summer nights fast approaching, many of us are looking for a fun way to spend the days with our friends and families. With a number of events and activities available during the summer, there are practically endless options for you to enjoy this season.

    Since the summer is the season to watch magical fireflies in the night sky, why not experience it in a different way brought to you by the Sumida Aquarium and Tobu Zoo Park’s collaboration?

    Hotaru no Yoru

    The Hotaru no Yoru or Night of the Fireflies is a collaboration event between Sumida Aquarium and Tobu Zoo Park. This event is currently in its 4th year. Taking place at the Sumida Aquarium, Tobu Zoo Park’s Hotarium (a play on words using “hotaru,” the Japanese word for firefly) will be exhibited at the aquarium for a span of 5 days from June 22nd to June 26th.

    Opening from 6:30 in the evening every day for the duration of the event, the aquarium will be a little darker than usual and visitors will be lent an LED lantern for free to use inside. At the Edorium Zone, sections will have a mirror box where visitors can place their LED lanterns inside to reveal the “hotaru kara no message,” or in English, translated as the “message from the fireflies.”

    Hotaru no Hikari Kakigoori

    Also at the Penguin Cafe, the hotaru no hikari kakigoori, which is a lit up shaved ice dessert with mizore syrup and mango jelly making the fireflies’ image, will be served for the duration of the event as well for 600 yen.

    The Hotaru no Yoru event is quite a different experience that you can’t easily get in the city, so if you’re looking for a special event to enjoy this summer, then make sure to head down during the event’s duration before it ends!

    Sumida Aquarium

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