Super Cute Sailor Moon Socks to Subtly Channel Your Inner Sailor Guardian Every Day!

  • Sailor Moon merchandise has always been popular due to its iconic anime series. Now there are super cute Sailor Moon socks to match and will surely make you stand out even more as a huge Sailor Moon fan! Also, if you’re thinking you may have seen these before it may be because the producer, ERIMAKI SOX, also created the adorable Detective Conan-themed footwear and socks range.

    The Sailor Guardian costume

    The Sailor Guardian costumes are iconic in the Sailor Moon series as just about every episode features the costume transformation scene. While the Sailor suits are obviously not suitable for everyday wear, ERIMAKI SOX has come up with a solution that allows us to incorporate some Sailor Moon-inspired fashion without looking too out of place. Through these brilliant socks that have been designed specifically to resemble that of the Sailor suits!

    Sailor Moon socks

    The new socks come in 5 designs which are inspired by the 5 main characters in the Sailor Moon series, namely Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mercury. Each sock features the uniform collars and ribbons. However, if you think that the ribbons make the socks stand out too much and do not fit with the rest of your outfit, then you can remove them, leaving only the collars intact.

    Price and Ordering

    Each pair of socks is priced at 6,264 yen after tax which many die-hard fans may feel isn’t too exorbitant. These special Sailor Moon socks can be ordered online through various websites such as Erimaki Sox, Premium Bandai, and Super Groupies, but delivery can only be scheduled in September.

    So Sailor Moon fans, have you ordered your socks yet? What a great yet subtle way to channel your inner Sailor Guardian every day! Regardless of whether they match your outfit or not, they are super cute!

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