Hidden Gems in Osaka Part 2: Okuninushi Shrine Shikitsumatsunomiya

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    Continuing on our journey through the back alleys and lesser known areas of Osaka we have the Okuninushi Shrine known as Shikitsumatsunomiya which is located a stones throw away from Daikokucho station in the heart of Osaka. Although it is located on one of the main streets of Osaka it is just south of Namba and thus not an area with a large thoroughfare. It is however a beautiful shrine and well worth the short walk from the city center and a 2 minute walk from Yasaka shrine.

    This shrine is said to contain 2 important dietys, one is the Shinto deity of Okuninushi, one of the seven main Japanese gods who is told to favorable to business and medical related concerns. There are a wealth of tales about Okuninushi’s various adventures such as helping out a hare, stealing a number of goddesses hearts to being tortured by the god of storms Susanoo and eventually escaping from the underworld.
    The other god is the afore mentioned Susanoo – god of storms who also has his fair share of myths and tales. You can also find him popping up a lot in popular media in Japan such as in the anime Naruto or in the Video game Person

    This shrine itself was established in the Edo area in 1744 and features a large statue of Okuninushi himself as well as anumber of states of a mouse which saves Okuninushi from a burning field in another tale.

    Each year between the 9th and 11th of January there is the Daikoku festival where many people gather at the shrine and many food stalls open up around the shrine.
    Entry is free and while they are open most weekdays it might be best to call ahead just in case as they don’t have specific opening hours.

    Okuninushi shrine website ※Japanese only

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