Check Out Japan’s 54-Year-Old Eternal Idol Seiko Matsuda Modeling Triumph’s Latest Lingerie!

  • In a global society where we generally only see young attractive models plastered all over billboards, magazines, TV, and so on, it’s nice to see an exception to this in Japan with the latest Triumph International lingerie commercial featuring the beautiful 54-year-old ‘Eternal idol’, Seiko Matsuda (松田聖子).

    Brief background on Seiko Matsuda

    Seiko Matsuda has had a very well-established career since her debut as an idol singer at 18 years old in 1980 and soon became one of Japan’s favorite idols. With her continued success and popularity in the entertainment industry with not only singing but acting, modeling, and as a TV personality, she was quickly dubbed the “Eternal idol”, with her many fans baffled at how she maintains such age-defying beauty.

    Seiko Matsuda in the 90s

    As a result, she was deliberately selected by the Triumph International lingerie company to model their latest Florale line.

    Triumph International

    Triumph International is a popular Japanese lingerie company that started in 1964 and is based in Tokyo. As their new Florale line was designed specifically for mature women, Seiko Matsuda was the perfect model, not only as one of Japan’s most popular idols, but also because she represents the grace, beauty, and confidence that mature women naturally possess after years of life experiences.

    Even though Seiko Matsuda is 54 years old, she certainly looks much younger than that. There is no doubt that those who aren’t familiar with Japan’s ‘Eternal idol’ would more than likely struggle to guess her age correctly. So, check out the new commercial here and see her beauty and grace for yourself.

    Triumph Website

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