Enjoy Northern Japan’s Fashion with the SAPPORO COLLECTION

  • To many around the world, Japan is a country that is considered to be a fashion capital. It is not rare that people would speak of the quirky-ness of the Harajuku girls or the cool Shibuya woman. However, not many people know about the fashion scene outside of Tokyo.

    As a result, many companies has sought to expand their own fashion shows outside of Tokyo. Thus giving birth to shows like the KOBE COLLECTION and KANSAI COLLECTION. So it’s no surprise that Japan’s fourth most-populated city has a fashion event to call its own.

    About The Event


    The event first started back in 2007 and is now in its 9th year. The SAPPORO COLLECTION is described as Hokkaido’s biggest fashion festival. For this year’s event, they are going with the theme of “Lady Study Go!”. Furthermore, they three popular models, that are in fact Hokkaido-born. These girls are: emma, Yagi Arisa and Takada Shuu.

    So when and where is the event?
    Date: April 25th, 2015
    Time: Doors open at 12:30, event starts at 14:00
    Location: Hokkai Kitayell (Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center)



    As someone would say, what’s a fashion show with no fashion? And this is what SAPPORO COLLECTION has plenty of, fashion. Below is a list of just some of the brands that will be featured in the show. There also features a special collaboration stage with the cute fashion brand, “BEAMS”. The brands include CECIL McBEE, Kastane, Ungrid, OZOC, ROSE BUD and DaTuRa.

    Models and Performers


    Like many fashion collections around Japan, they also boast various models and performing acts to keep the attendees enticed. Some of the models include Akimoto Kozue, Tsuchiya Anna, Maggy, emma and Darengare Akemi. While the performers include, Hokkaido born singer, SHOKICHI; Da-iCE, DOBERMAN INFINITY and Rihwa. Along with DJ-ing by DAISHI DANCE, Alisa Urahama (Carpe diem) and YUA.

    You can find out more info about the event as follows:
    Sapporo Collection
    So do you think that you’ll be checking out this year’s SAPPORO COLLECTION or Hokkaido fashion in general?

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