Did You Know that FRISK Doesn’t Only Give Everyone Minty Fresh Breath but Skin As Well?

  • Have you noticed a minty tingly feeling in any of your skincare products recently? If so, it’s because they contain menthol – yes, the same ingredient in those refreshing mints! Therefore, it may not seem all that strange for breath mints company to venture into bath and body products instead.

    FRISK and the new skincare range

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    The famous breath mints company, FRISK recently combined with a Japanese company, Doshisha to bring you a new line of FRISK bath and body products which were released earlier in May. Firstly, there are two types of body soap: Cool and Super Cool. So, if you’re after a strong cool and refreshing feeling after a relaxing bath, then Super Cool is a great option! Better yet, these FRISK body soaps would be a perfect addition to your morning routine to help awaken your senses so that you feel more energized for the day ahead.

    As we all know, Japan is all about convenience. So, these facial and body wipes are an excellent addition to your handbag. They will cool you down instantly especially on these hot and humid summer days, as well as wipe away the dirt and grime off your skin. Also, everyone loves bath salts, and so do the Japanese! They’re great to soak in so that your body absorbs all the goodness they provide. With these minty bath salts, they help to instantly cool the body down, making it an essential for a hot Japanese summer. Aside from these, there is also the economical old-school bar of soap available too if you don’t fancy the bottles.


    While the idea of using menthol in skincare products has been done before, it may still seem a little strange, quirky, and creative to some! So, if you’re after a new range of skincare products, why not check out the new FRISK range to keep you cool and fresh this summer?

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