5 of the Best Bakeries in Tokyo to Satisfy those Cravings for Genuine French Pastries!

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  • For those of you like me who can never get enough of delicious bakery pastries, here is a list of 5 bakeries that base their recipes off of real French bakeries in France as all of the owners are either from France or have studied there for a long period.

    1. RITUEL par Christophe Vasseur


    RITUEL is a bakery in made by Christophe Vasseur who’s bakery in Paris has been chosen as Paris’ Best Boulangerie (French bakery) multiple times. RITUEL’s most popular item on the menu is escargot, followed by the croissant, chocolatine, le sacristain, and niflettes. All of these different types of bread are made in various flavors.

    Rituel Website

    2. Maison Landemaine


    Maison Landemaine sells bread and pastries according to traditional baking methods in France. The croissants at Maison Landemaine have been chosen as the third best croissants in Paris by the Parisian magazine Figaro. The croissant uses butter used by restaurants in France so you can enjoy these amazing pastries as you if you were devouring them in France.

    Maison Landemaine Website

    3. Boulange

    Boulange in Shibuya is also known for their delicious croissants and the special thing about them is that they use Japanese ingredients especially picked out by the pastry chef in order to cater towards their Japanese customers. The croissants are made from butter made in Hokkaido while the flour used is a distinct blend of over 20 types of flour. They even offer a melon bread (melon pan) that has a croissant filling.

    Boulange Website

    4. Chapeau-de-paille


    The owner of this bakery studied in Paris and decided to create a shop dedicated to recreating the taste of the sandwiches made from baguettes and croissants. The chef dedicated himself to creating the perfect bread to use in a sandwich that was crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The store closes as soon as all of the sandwiches sell out so be sure to go there early!

    *This restaurant is closed permanently.

    Chapeau-de-paille Website

    5. tecona bagel works


    This bakery located in Yoyogi park specializes in bagels where they constantly have around 50 to 60 types of bagels. Each flavor of bagel is split into three types of textures: fluffy, semi-chewy, and chewy. This is another bakery that you need to go to early in order to make sure you don’t miss out on their delicious bagels.

    tecona bagel works Website

    So, if you’re wandering around Tokyo after some genuine French pastries, be sure to check out these 5 amazing bakeries!

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