5 Fun Facts Not Commonly Known About Geisha

  • Geisha are well-known Japanese female entertainers who are regarded as one of the country’s iconic symbols. Though many things have already been discussed about them, there are some fun facts which you might not have heard about. Here are 5 interesting things to know about geisha.

    1. Geisha Are Almost Like Celebrities

    Being a geisha could be likened to being a celebrity. People in Japan will give geisha respect and care as well as time and money for watching their shows or attending events where they can see them. Due to the rare chance of meeting geisha, usually only rich people, such as business executives or politicians, can do so on a more regular basis.

    2. Geisha Do Entertain Women

    Geisha are not only meant to entertain men. They even perform publicly in front of the audience during special occasions. They also sing, dance and play music in front of women who admire them for their grace and posture and regard them as models. These performances are very expensive as the geisha is considered to be a glamorous entertainer.

    3. Geisha are Dressed by Males (most of the time)

    An “otokoshi” is a male who helps in dressing up a geisha. He also escorts geisha in order to help them (and their belongings) return home safely from parties or banquets. Part of his job is to help the geisha dress up by considering specific demands and preferences.

    4. Being a Geisha is a Restless Job

    With so many expectations ahead of you, becoming a geisha is quite a daunting task. You have to reflect proper manners even at home as everyone looks upon you as a model of feminine grace. In all things you do, you have to do it properly.

    5. Some Girls Opt to Quit High School to Have an Early Training

    The training of becoming a geisha in the past sometimes began at the earlier ages of 3 to 5. However, in modern times, it is necessary for children to continue their schooling until the age of 15. Therefore, some girls will leave high school in order to focus on their training. The very first thing they need to do is to get accepted in an “okiya,” which is a lodging-house for both maiko and geisha. And there, she will live for the length of her career as a geisha.

    These are just some of the fun facts not popularly revealed about geisha. Did any of these surprise you?

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