Love the Wicked Musical? Then Get to Sapporo and Visit these 12 Wickedly Delicious Places!

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  • In May, Shiki Theater Company’s Sapporo branch began its production of the Broadway Musical, Wicked, which is based on the prologue of the famous story about the ‘Wizard of Oz’. Wicked has been on Broadway since 2003 and has become increasing popular ever since. In celebration, here are 12 amazing Wicked-themed products for all Wicked fans traveling through Sapporo to enjoy!

    On top of that, you can also join in the Wicked stamp rally where you get the opportunity to win limited edition Wicked merchandise by collecting eight stamps. So check out some of the Wickedly Wicked items you can expect!


    This Wicked/Elphaba themed plate, Matcha Baum Wicked Plate (648 yen), features a matcha flavored Baumkuchen (traditional German cake) and brown sugar syrup which gives it a traditional Japanese twist. It is served with chocolate whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries. Also, the little Elphaba hat on the cake makes the entire dish not only delicious but adorable too!

    ISHIYA CAFE Website*Japanese Only

    2. Candy Labo



    キャンディ・ラボインスタグラムさん(@candy_labo)がシェアした投稿 –

    The Wicked Mix (216 yen) available at the Candy Labo features little pieces of candy that are strawberry milk and muscat flavored.

    Candy Labo Website*Japanese Only

    3. Ginnoan


    This croissant taiyaki is made with matcha flavored croissant dough, giving it the green Elphaba look.

    4. Sweet Lady Jane

    Sweet Lady Jane has made Wicked themed icing cookies in celebration of the musical in Sapporo.


    5. Cold Stone Creamery

    Cold Stone made an ice cream menu called Wicked that features Oreo cookies, red bean paste, green tea ice cream and cheesecake ice cream.

    Cold Stone Creamery Website

    6. Soup Curry: Hige Danshaku

    This soup curry shop now serves a completely green curry based on Elphaba.


    7. Hokuo

    Hokuo now sells Wicked melon bread that includes a miniature sized pink melon bread (melon pan) based on Glinda and green melon bread based on Elphaba.

    8. Marumi Coffee

    Marumi Coffee is selling a Wicked blend coffee as a part of their collaboration with the production. The Wicked blend is a combination of two contrasting coffee bean types in the image of Elphaba and Glinda.


    9. LeTAO

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    #莓ㄐ吃美食 北海道小樽💞 LeTAO的雙層乳酪蛋糕,真的太好吃 品牌在北海道小樽誕生,故總店座落在此 小樽裡不止一間分店 經過時總有店員在門口發試吃 還記得之前是乳酪蛋糕!💞 可惜今天是生巧克力,但也爆好吃的(^o^) . 內用有座位歐,也設有洗手間 雙層乳酪蛋糕是可以單點一塊的👍🏻 好想買一整個,但帶不回台灣 . 霜淇淋有三種口味 我們吃⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🍦婚禮(牛奶mix起司)¥390(人氣款) 🍦五種乳酪(only 起司)¥390 乳酪口味的濃到誇張,像在吃整塊起司 鹹鹹甜甜滴,口感綿密 甜筒的脆餅也很薄酥。 LeTAO的冰一點都不輸給北菓樓啊。 🍰雙層起司蛋糕¥410 . 台灣也有分店啦,松菸跟中山都有! . #北海道 #北海道旅行 #北海道お土産 #letao #f4f #letaocheesecake #japan #hokaido #icecream #follow #instalike #food #likeforfollow #foodie #instadaily #日本食 #ほっかいどう #旅遊攝影 .

    🍓莓姬貝利 • 食事旅行さん(@maggie.beri)がシェアした投稿 –

    LeTAO is selling their Niagara Chocolat Blanc Frais which is a white chocolate truffle that uses Niagara wine from Otaru, Hokkaido which gives it a light green color, in the image of Elphaba.

    LeTAO Website*Japanese Only

    10. LUPICIA

    The tea store LUPICIA has made a Wicked tea that is muscat and lime flavored. The tea leaves are topped with white and green pieces of sugar to represent Elphaba and Glinda.

    LUPICIA Website*Japanese Only

    11. Momi & Toy’s

    The creperie Momi & Toy’s is selling a new delicious Wicked-themed crepe made with matcha cream, matcha powder, brown sugar syrup, whipped cream, and strawberries.

    Momi & Toy’s Website*Japanese Only

    12. Little Juice Bar

    The Little Juice Bar is selling a special Wicked version of their crowd favorite strawberry frozen drink. The special version has green milk mousse and the Wicked collaboration logo printed on the cup.

    Little Juice Bar Website

    So if you’re a huge Wicked Musical fan traveling through Sapporo, be sure to try all of these 12 deliciously Wicked treats!

    Shiki Theater Company Website*Japanese Only

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