Hoping to Meet the Love of Your Life? Make a Wish for Tanabata at Tokyo Daijingu!

  • Quite a number of people in Japan often tend to stay single before they think of tying the knot for a number of reasons. Some may think of becoming stable first, giving back to their parents, or even just to doing the things they want to do in life before settling down. But that doesn’t mean everyone who is single wants to avoid meeting someone and some people just don’t have the opportunity with their busy schedules.

    tanabata hearts

    If you’re one of these people, well don’t fret! All you need to find the one might just be in a prayer and there’s a place to do that!

    Tokyo Daijingu

    tanabata tokyo daijingu

    Established in 1880, the Tokyo Daijingu honors the deities of Ise Jingu and is home to the sun goddess Amaterasu Mikami and Toyouke no Okami. The two gods are regarded as the ones who look over matchmaking, thus making the shrine one of the most well-known for those seeking guidance on issues regarding love. The Tokyo Daijingu is also a popular shrine for its ability to ensure a successful marriage and it also founded the Shinto wedding ceremony.

    Tanabata Kigansai

    tanabata kigansai

    The Tanabata Kigansai is a ceremony that is part of the Tanabata celebrations. From June 1st to July 7th, visitors to the shrine can purchase the Orihime Tanzaku for girls and the Hikoboshi Tanzaku for boys for 300 yen each.

    tanabata tree

    It is customary to write your wish on the strip of paper, which then will be tied to a bamboo tree and displayed for the duration of one week. One the day of the Tanabata celebration of July 7th, the strips of wishing paper decorating the bamboo trees will be lit up until 9 in the evening when visitors will experience and enjoy a new side of the shrine.

    While Valentine’s Day may have long passed, that doesn’t mean Cupid can’t do his job another time. This time around, the star-crossed lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi might play Cupid’s role! If you’re feeling up to the challenge of wishing for “the one” during this year’s upcoming Tanabata, then be sure to visit the Tokyo Daijingu!

    Tokyo Daijingu

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