Take Years Off Your Skin! What Skin Care is Practiced by Beautiful Japanese Women?

  • There are probably many people who have noticed Japanese women’s beautiful skin. I certainly have. I’m a foreigner living in Japan, but when I first started living here, I was surprised by how many women, young and old, had beautiful skin and did not look their age! What is their secret to preserving such youthful skin that makes it look like these ladies have stopped time?

    The key to maintaining fresh, young-looking skin lies with moisturizing. However, applying moisturizer every day takes time and can be a little annoying, leading some of us to skip it. That’s why, after washing my face, I really wanted to try using a moisturizing, all-in-one product to complete my skincare routine. This type of product is already mainstream in Japan, and since it seemed great for busy women, I wanted to see if these all-in-one cosmetics would really work. The reason I tried this one, in particular, was because I saw it several times in well-known women’s magazines, where it was introduced as a popular product and a favorite of many actresses and female doctors.


    こんにちは😄 @rarasarauraさん 素敵なご投稿ありがとうございます♪ ウォッシュパウダーは、皮脂がより気になるこれからの季節にオススメ☀☀😥☀☀ . #repost @rarasaraura ・・・・・・・・・ 3年間愛用中 のメディプラス ★メディプラスゲル オールインワンだから楽チン♪ ★クレンジングオイル スルッと落ちてぬめぬめ感なし ★ウォッシュパウダー 酵素洗顔で毛穴、角質、黒ずみスッキリ落ちて突っ張らない! 2ヶ月持つし値段もそこまで高くないからオススメだよー❤️ . @mediplus_official #メディプラス #mediplus #メディプラスゲル #クレンジングオイル #ウォッシュパウダー #オールインワンゲル #無添加 #ニキビケア #美肌 #基礎化粧品 #スキンケア用品 #化粧水 #毛穴 #美肌効果 #敏感肌 #肌質改善 #コスメ #大人肌 #肌荒れ #年齢肌 #乾燥肌 #保湿 #乾燥性敏感肌を考えた #乾燥 #アトピー #beauty #skincare #moisture #cosme

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    From the Arrival of the Product to Its Use

    Mediplus-Gel is only available by mail order, so after purchasing it on the internet, it doesn’t take long before it arrives on your doorstep. It’s a well-known product in Japan, but can also be purchased in Singapore as well as in my home country, Taiwan. So when I went home to visit, I took the chance to finally order the all-in-one gel. Needless to say, I was very excited when I received my package and opened it straight away!

    Now that the package is open, it’s time to check out what’s inside! Not only did I receive what I had ordered, but it also contained free samples, as well as detailed instructions and more information about the Mediplus-Gel in Chinese!

    The wait for the all-in-one gel was finally over and without any further hesitation, it was time to take a closer look and try it out. On the outside of the product’s packaging, all of the ingredients are all clearly specified.


    4月1日(月)より、福岡を中心とした九州北部エリア(山口県を含む)限定でバラエティ ショップに初展開します。 販売アイテムは、メディプラスゲ ルのミニサイズ45gと新サイズ90gの2種類。 創業2003年から主にクリニックや通販中心での販売展開を開始し、2017年に常設店として 丸ビル店をオープン。 新たな販路としてバラエティショップ(東急ハンズ、PLAZA、ロフトなど)にて卸販売を 開始します。 お近くにお越しの際は、商品を実際にお手に取ってお試しください♪ @mediplus_official @tokyuhandsinc @plazastyle @loft_official #mediplus #メディプラス #メディプラスゲル #メディプラスゲルdx #オールインワンジェル #オールインワン化粧品 #オールインワン美容液 #オールインワンゲル #美容液 #スキンケア #乾燥 #保湿 #美容 #ストレス性乾燥肌 #保湿ケア #バラエティショップ #東急ハンズ #plaza #ロフト

    メディプラス Mediplusさん(@mediplus_official)がシェアした投稿 –

    Also, on the inside of the packaging, there is an illustration that explains clearly how to use the gel that is easy to understand and very helpful.

    It’s time to give it a try! The gel is super easy to use. After washing your face, all you need is this one bottle and to follow the steps below.

    First, you will need to place about 3 pumps of gel into your hand. For those of you hoping to feel the effects of the gel sooner, you can use more than the recommended amount when using the gel for the first time.

    Next, spread the gel gently over your hand and slowly apply it with both hands to the face, making sure not to rub the gel too harshly into your skin.


    . 美容オイルとセラミドが配合されているオイルクリームソープは、肌バリアを守りながら肌の汚れをしっかり落としてくれます。 クリームのような濃厚泡で、洗うほどに思わず触りたくなるうるおい肌に。 #メディプラスゲル #オールインワン #美容液 #メディプラス #mediplus #スキンケア #乾燥 #保湿 #美容 #ストレス性乾燥肌 #保湿ケア #潤い #しっとり #もっちり #なめらか #紫外線 #素肌 #ストレス #美肌 #肌トラブル #敏感肌 #敏感肌スキンケア #敏感肌でも安心 #敏感肌でも使える #敏感肌用

    メディプラス Mediplusさん(@mediplus_official)がシェアした投稿 –

    To see an example of how to gently moisturize your skin with this gel, you can check out the video below.

    Impressions After Using the Gel

    In order to really feel the effects of the Mediplus-Gel, I stopped using all of my usual skincare products and only applied this product. At night, I even used it as a night mask.

    As for the results, I really noticed how my skin felt much more moisturized. This is definitely a product that I can’t stop using. In only a few days, my skin was also more receptive to makeup, which lasted much longer on my face. From using this I realized that I didn’t need to load up my skin with several products, and instead, learned the importance of simple skincare. I could shorten my skincare routine and was honestly satisfied with the results!

    According to my research about the gel, it is recommended by dermatologists, and even those with sensitive skin can use this product without any trouble. It has even received a gold quality medal from Mond Selection (an international standard for high-quality products) for 4 consecutive years. So naturally, with 6 million of these bottles sold, this is one high-quality product!

    This gel is not only sold in Japan, but can also be purchased by mail order in Taiwan and Singapore. One bottle of Mediplus-Gel lasts for two months, so even though this is a “Made In Japan” item, it would only cost about S$29 each month, which, thankfully, is easy on the wallet. Additionally, your first order comes with 5 free samples of the gel. So for those of you who want to try out a popular Japanese all-in-one skincare product for the first time, this would be a great way to start!

    If you apply for the bimonthly delivery option called the “fixed term purchase plan”, after your first purchase, you can return the product within 30 days even after using it. You can also receive your package without the usual S$10 shipping fee. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about running out of the gel and not being able to purchase more, since you can always receive your next bottle with the fixed purchase plan! I’ve tried many cosmetics in Japan, but this one is simple and it really works. I plan to continue using it for a long time!

    *Featured Image: jp.fotolia.com/