5 Glorious Ice Cream Places to Beat the Hot and Humid Summer Heat in Tokyo!

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  • Personally, I think the best way to beat the hot and humid Japanese summer heat is to do nothing else but eat ice cream. So here is a list of 5 places in Tokyo to indulge in the most delicious ice cream around all summer long!

    1. GLACIEL

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    グラッシェルの新しいピスタチオのパフェ * 今月から始まった新しいパフェ✨ 今日、ポイント2倍の日を狙って行って来ました🐾 * ✿ペッシュピスターシュ * 内容は…ピスタチオクリーム、桃アイス、桃のコンポート、フランボワーズ、ブルーベリー、クッキー、ベリーソース?、ピスタチオアイス、桃のピューレ。 * 桃もピスタチオも大好き😆💕 でも、この2つの組み合わせは、初めてかも🎶 もう言うことなしのピスタチオクリーム😍 桃のコンポートも、程よく果肉感が残っていて美味しい🍑✨ 桃とピスタチオの相性もいいのね😊💕 * * 【アンドリューのエッグタルト】 * 大丸の地下1階の催事にて購入。 エッグタルト大好きで、お家でも作りますが、専門店のも食べてみたくて😊 プレーン、アップルシナモン、キャラメル、ストロベリーの4種類買ってきました🎶 プレーンだけ、トースターで温めて頂きましたが、パイがサクサク、カスタードがとろ〜り、とっても美味しかったです😆💕 マカオで食べたのより、甘さは控えめかな? * * #グラッシェル#glaciel #桃のパフェ#札幌パフェ#パフェ#桃スイーツ#札幌スイーツ#スイーツ#porocoスイーツ部 #ピスタチオ#札幌カフェ#カフェ#札幌カフェ巡り #アンドリューのエッグタルト#エッグタルト#大阪スイーツ#ティータイム#おやつ#おめざ#北海道#札幌#大丸札幌

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    This patisserie/cafe in Omotesando is only a 3-minute walk from Omotesando station and offers a wide selection of ice cream, cakes, baked goods and fruit preserves. The special thing about the ice cream at GLACIEL is that everything is made on that day. The ice cream is made from milk brought from Hokkaido and fruits bought from the top class farmers every day.

    GLACIEL Website

    2. Sincerita

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    #sincerita 🍨 * アイス納めもアイス始めも#シンチェリータ さん🍨 今の時期は淹れたてのあったかいカフェラテと 一緒に頂くとしあわせ倍増◡̈* * ずっと大好きなジェラテリア。あんまり載せてなかったからまとめて載せてみる。1枚目(改装後)と2.3枚目(改装前)のチョイスの色味が凄く似てる☺️ 夏のばかり選んでしまってクリスマスに食べたときの 写真を入れ忘れるという凡ミス…( ´•̥ו̥` ) * 3年ちょい通って1番好きだったフレーバーは 10枚目に載せてる#石垣パイン 🍍 * #シンチェリータ#ジェラテリア#ジェラート#イタリアンジェラート#阿佐ヶ谷#阿佐ヶ谷カフェ#高円寺カフェ#gelateriasincerita#gelateria#gelato#floto#asagaya

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    The owner, Yosuke Nakai, is a gelato meister who previously won third place in the 2011 World Gelato Competition in Italy. Sincerita was created with Yosuke’s desire to create a gelato shop that was easy to access for many people. Most gelato flavors are made using seasonal fruits and sweetened using honey, rather than sugar. The gelatos made here are very refreshing!

    Sincerita Website


    LA VIEILLE FRANCE is a long-running cafe that originated in France in 1834 and is famous for their rich-flavored ice cream and various baked sweets. They make over 10 flavors of ice cream and the fruit flavors change according to the season. Also, if you order a double where you get the choice of two ice cream flavors, you can ask the shop keeper for their recommendation of the two flavors that go together best and they will be more than willing to help.


    4. Japanese Ice OUCA

    OUCA was founded with a vision of becoming an ice cream shop that is as close to the heart of Japanese people as the cherry blossom flower (sakura) is. This shop specializes in providing over 15 types of traditional Japanese ice cream flavors. Some of which are: milk, matcha, and soy powder & brown sugar syrup.

    Japanese Ice OUCA Website

    5. Brigela

    The name, Brigela, originates from a combination of the two words, brioche, and gelato. Not only does Brigela sell standard gelato, they also specialize in a new type of dessert that is a combination of brioche bread and gelato.

    This new kind of dessert is available in many flavors such as vanilla, pistachio, caramel nut vanilla, coffee, dark chocolate, and many others. On top of their usual flavors, they have 6 flavors that change according to the season and the fruit available at the time of year.

    Brigela Website

    So there you have it, a glorious list of delicious places to cool down in Tokyo and stay away from the intense Japanese summer heat!

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