Unleash Your Inner Otaku and Check Out 3 of the Best Places to Go Manga Shopping in Tokyo!

  • If you’re a fan of Japanese comics (manga), then your travel adventures to Japan should definitely include a visit to at least one if not all, of these 3 bookstores. Also, just wandering around the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, you are bound to notice many places or establishments that will spark your manga interests. So check out 3 of the best places to go manga shopping in Tokyo!

    1. Mandarake

    Mandarake is considered to be the largest manga and anime store in the world. It was established in 1987 with the concept of introducing people to the amazing manga culture in Japan. There are a variety of items available here including published manga volumes, toys, idol goods, anime songs, cosplay items, video games, manga drawings, and so on. It has so many branches in Tokyo such as those in Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Nakano, and so on. The home of Mandarake is located in the shopping mall of Nakano Broadway.

    Mandarake Website

    2. Animate

    The largest retailer of games, manga, and anime in Japan is Animate. Its first headquarter was opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo in 1983. It has a total of 117 retail stores in which some are located abroad (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Thailand). Animate goods include a wide range of manga goods from CDs to DVDs or plush toys to figurines. They even have their own promotional mascot, Meito Anisawa, who is well known for his spiky hair, rippling muscles, and is also clad with Animate’s uniform.

    Animate Website *Japanese Only

    3. Book Off

    The largest chain of bookstores in Japan is Book Off which has expanded from merely used books to second-hand merchandise. Also, it doesn’t only operate in Japan but also abroad such as USA, Korea, and Columbia. Here, you will find several magazines, photo books, manga, video games and a lot of books that are generally difficult to find.

    Book Off Website *Japanese Only

    So if you love Japanese manga and the entire culture as a whole then make sure you visit at least one of these 3 famous manga book stores on your next visit to Tokyo!

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