Check out How to Make Your Nagashi-Somen Experience in Japan Even More Fun this Summer!

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  • One of the most popular dishes during summer in Japan is Somen. The dish involves somen noodles (thin white noodles made from wheat) that are first boiled in water, then placed in a bowl filled with ice and ice water before it’s finally served. But another fun way to eat somen in summer is nagashi-somen, which you can even experience at your own home too!


    Nagashi-somen or flowing somen is a fun activity often done with family and friends during the summer time in Japan. Nagashi-somen is traditionally done by using a bamboo gutter where the somen is then put in flowing water. Now the best part is that you actually have to try and catch the flowing somen with your own chopsticks where your skills will definitely be put to the test!

    There are also a number of establishments where you can experience the joys of nagashi-somen without having to make it yourself so keep an eye out, especially at festivals over the summer! On the other hand, if you’re really determined for the home-style version, and finding a bamboo gutter is a mission to find, then check out Takara Tomy’s Big Stream Somen Slider!

    Big Stream Somen Slider

    The Big Stream Somen Slider is very creative and is 3.6 meters long and is considered the largest nagashi-somen machine in history. The water used in the process comes from the machine’s interior pump and the somen slider machine itself contains several different parts that help to make the somen-catching experience even more fun. On top of that, there’s even an ice maker included that makes fun shapes of a sliderman to play with during your fun nagashi-somen experience as well.

    For those that purchase the Big Stream Somen Slider, you also get the opportunity to go into a lottery to win a ticket to Tokyo Summerland too! The Big Stream Somen Slider went on sale on the 2nd June for 6,980 yen. So why not kick-start your summer with a bit of Japanese traditional fun with a twist and create your very own nagashi-somen experience?

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