If You Don’t Have Time For the Real Art of Bonsai, You’ll Love These Adorable Bonsai Crafts!

  • Many people all over the world are familiar with the Japanese art form bonsai. This art form has been practiced for hundreds of years thanks to the inspiration from the Chinese. Bonsais need a great amount of time to look after and of course the right care to grow beautifully.

    There are a variety of ways to grow your own bonsai and there are even bonsai sets to get you started. But what if you don’t have the time to tend them yourself? Well, don’t worry because there’s an available alternative that you can buy which is the cool and crafty Kami Bonsai!

    Kami Bonsai (Paper Bonsai)

    The Kami Bonsai comes in 4 different options and is actually easy to create because it doesn’t require the use of scissors and glue to cut and paste each part. The paper bonsais have each of its own charms that you’ll come to love.

    The Kami Bonsai kits are packaged in small pieces that can easily fit in your bag and you can enjoy your kami bonsai being completed as you construct it with your own two hands. With real bonsai, you enjoy cultivating them by growing and shaping them yourselves. The kami bonsai, on the other hand, let you position the branches and leaves to whichever way you like.

    Sakura Kami Bonsai

    As one of the most beloved sights in the spring season, the sakura kami bonsai comes with a combination of pink flowers and green leaves that give the art a fresh look of spring.

    Kinzu Kami Bonsai

    Of all the kami bonsais, the Kinzu is the only one that is bearing fruit. The kinzu is known as the smallest orange and beautifully represents the summer season.

    Momiji Kami Bonsai

    Popular during the autumn months is sightseeing to view the changing of the color of leaves called momiji. With the momiji kami bonsai, you can make your own blend of autumn leaves with different colors and perfectly recreate the season.

    Matsu or Pine Tree Kami Bonsai

    And lastly, the matsu or Pine Kami Bonsai. Pine trees in Japan are the symbol of longevity and they have kept this meaning for ages. Aside from that, this pine tree is also often linked with the cold winter season, thus rounding out the kami bonsai collection.

    With each kami bonsai perfectly matching every changing season, you can enjoy displaying these crafts with their aesthetic charm each time the seasons change. These are currently available for purchase at Kamimotto’s website for 1,620 yen. You can also give these as a gift to family and friends overseas without having them having to worry about tending to a real plant! With the summer now here, why not purchase your own Kinzu Kami Bonsai to match the season?

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